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4G by MegaFon: the Cities Around Catch up with Novosibirsk



MegaFon has rolled out its LTE network to Novosibirsk and the surrounding areas, as well as the cities of Berdsk and Iskitim. Following recent expansion of the service, LTE is now available to over 270,000 more potential customers. The monthly subscription for LTE access ranges from RUB799 (US$26) to RUB1099. The Russian operator offers a range of LTE devices, including two USB modems (the MegaFon MR-100 and MegaFon R1 LTE) and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 LTE tablet.

MegaFon keeps expanding the 4G opportunities for the citizens of Novosibirsk and the region. LTE based mobile internet service has become available in the areas adjacent to Novosibirsk and the satellite cities of Berdsk and Iskitim.

The citizens of the both cities now can use LTE technology upon the fall of 2012. Moreover, the MegaFon 4G zone has embraced the cities of Ob and its outskirts, as well as a few settlements adjacent to the Pervomaysky District of Novosibirsk. Therefore, high speed 4G internet service is available to more than 270,000 new potential customers.

The price of 4G access is the same as in Novosibirsk. All you need to use the LTE service is to buy a 4G kit in any MegaFon trademark store, which has a 4G modem or a 4G tablet or a 4G router, a special U-SIM card and a prepayment for communication services. The monthly fee for 4G subscribers is 799.00 — 1099.00 rubles a month.

“A lot of citizens from Bersk and Iskitim and other near settlements work within the Novosibirsk urban outline. Now our customers, who live outside the megapolis, are able to use high speed 4G internet both in the office and at home,” said Denis Malikov, commercial director of the Siberia Branch of MegaFon.

A unique feature of 4G by MegaFon is a full compatibility with each preceding standard. Any 4G modem or tablet can easily leave a zone of LTE coverage and travel across 3G/2G networks.

Today, MegaFon offers its customers a wide range of 4G based devices. For notebook or desktop, there are two models of USB modems: 4G routers MegaFon MR-100 and MegaFon R1 LTE, as well as the only in Russia 4G tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 LTE.