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Latin American administrations’ action on spectrum “vital to support mobile broadband growth”

2.5GHz and digital dividend 700MHz spectrum key to Brazil and LAM’s socio-economic development, says UMTS Forum

15 September 2011: At this week’s Futurecom event in São Paulo, the UMTS Forum has urged further actions to make more spectrum available as soon as possible to support fast-growing mobile broadband usage in Brazil and Latin America.


The cross-sector mobile industry association has argued that, besides the 2.6GHz which is already planned to be auctioned, the region’s operators can benefit enormously from access to harmonised frequencies in the 700MHz – the ‘digital dividend’ spectrum that will soon be liberated by analogue TV switch-off.


Specifically, the UMTS Forum actively urges Brazil and LAM administrations to work on identifying and adopting the most appropriate band plan for the 700MHz band. This will facilitate harmonisation and economies of scale for equipment.


“Besides all efforts that have been done so far, there is the need to further harmonize new frequency bands to boost economic growth and social inclusion enabled by Mobile Broadband”, said UMTS Forum Chairman Jean-Pierre Bienaimé.


“On the basis of our recent study [UMTS Forum Report #44 “Mobile traffic forecasts 2010-2020”] we support the timely availability of IMT spectrum and spectrum harmonisation, when possible on a global basis. This will be a vital step towards turning the dream of 1 Gbps communication into reality for the average end-user”. The report notably forecasts a 33x global increase in mobile broadband data traffic in the timeframe 2010-2020, and twice higher still for a typical Western European country during the same period.


“With Brazil’s FIFA World Cup (2014) and Olympic Games (2016) just a few years away, country-wide demand for mobile broadband services is set to reach record levels. As these high-profile events will surely demonstrate, mobile broadband is an increasingly vital enabler for Brazil’s social and economic development”, continued Bienaimé. “In order to participate fully in the global opportunity offered by 3G/4G mobile broadband networks, it’s vital that Brazil be fully aligned with spectrum developments in other world regions.”


The UMTS Forum has also stated that further studies are needed to ensure that the growth potential for mobile broadband traffic is future-proofed. At the forthcoming World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC-12), the UMTS Forum will be supporting the adoption of an Agenda Item (AI) for the next WRC in 2015. This AI should examine in detail the future spectrum requirements for mobile broadband.

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