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Vodafone Czech Republic to Offer Private 3G Zone from July


Vodafone Czech Republic has launched a new small-cell solution, branded ‘Private 3G Zone’, aimed at customers in areas with low signal penetration. The service is available to customers on all tariff packages with a fixed ADSL connection and a 3G device. Produced by Alcatel-Lucent and costing CZK3,377 (US$201), the transmitter makes it possible for anyone to create their own 20-metre radius Private 3G Zone.

Although the mobile operators in the Czech Republic cover more than 99% of the population with the mobile phone signal, there are still some places which have no signal at all. This is often because of low signal penetration inside some buildings. From 1 July, Vodafone is going to offer the Private 3G Zone, produced by Alcatel-Lucent, which is to cover such hardly accessible places. The Private 3G Zone can be activated by all tariff customers using fixed high-speed Internet and a 3G device. This offer adds to the complex solution for business customers.

“There are and always will be places which are hardly accessible for the mobile phone signal of any network. These include, for example, cellars, basement garages, ferroconcrete buildings, high mountains and other special locations where our customers need to start up or boost the signal, temporarily or permanently. Therefore, we are the first in the market to offer a unique solution which will make it possible for anyone to create their own private 3G Zone in a few minutes,” says David Duroň, the Marketing Director for Business Customers at Vodafone.

“We are really pleased that Vodafone, as the first Czech mobile operator, has decided to use our small cell technology. We believe that this way the company will get a head start on the competition, providing better service for the customers as well as reducing the coverage costs,” says David Grundel, the General Manager of Alcatel-Lucent Czech.

The Private 3G Zone can be activated by all tariff customers, no matter what services they use. They must only have fixed high-speed Internet connection (ADSL, VDSL, SDSL or cable connection) and a 3G device (mobile phone, tablet, USB modem).

The Private 3G Zone will cost CZK 3 377 incl. VAT. No commitment is required. We recommend that our business customers combine the Private 3G Zone with the Vodafone fixed ADSL connection. All speeds on offer are compliant with the service. The Private 3G Zone will be also offered for advantageous prices.

How does it work?
  • The Private 3G Zone is composed of a small Alcatel-Lucent 3G transmitter and a receiver which serve to connect with the registered 3G devices, similarly as in the Wi-Fi network.
  • The Zone will cover the area within the reach of 20 metres and make it possible for the customer to use all services of the 3G network: voice, SMS, MMS, fast data.
  • Prior to activation, it is necessary to contact the customer service line and register the Vodafone mobile phone numbers which will be used with the Zone.
  • The registered devices will then connect with the Zone automatically.
  • Up to 16 numbers can be used within one Private 3G Zone, and up to 4 devices can make calls at a single moment.

For more information, please go to www.vodafone.cz/3gzona