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Belgacom Joins Forces with Samsung to Give Everybody the Possibility to Access Internet Everywhere

Belgacom has partnered with Samsung to offer an internet-enabled tablet together with a fixed and mobile broadband subscription.  The package includes internet at home (Wi-Fi), mobile internet and the 3G-enabled Samsung Galaxy Tab for EUR39.99 per month. The HSPA+ Galaxy Tab 10.1v, which supports speeds of up to 21 Mbps, is also available for an extra EUR10 per month. The operator anticipates that the number of smartphones sold in Belgium will double this year.

Belgacom already provides customers with a number of strong innovations in its Internet offering. Belgacom is now taking the next step, making it easier to access the Internet outdoors. 700.000 smartphones were sold in Belgium in 2010 (source: Gfk), and the number is expected to double this year. Analysts also believe the sale of tablets will rise enormously.

Belgacom is committed to guiding customers through these new wireless trends and is now announcing a ground-breaking convergent Internet offer. The offer is unique on the Belgian market and goes much further than existing formulas: it combines an Internet-enabled tablet with a fixed and mobile Internet subscription, for a very attractive price.

This offer has been shaped thanks to a privileged partnership between Belgacom and Samsung, whereby the digital leadership of Samsung as producer of several electronic products & services is combined with Belgacom’s experience as the preferred provider of intuitive end-to-end solutions combing fixed, mobile telecom, IT and media.

Internet at home (Wi-Fi) + Mobile Internet (3G) with Samsung Galaxy Tab (tablet) for less than €40 per month

Concretely, for €39.99 per month, Belgacom offers access to the Internet at home and on the move, together with a Samsung Galaxy tablet.

A Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1v is also available for an extra 10€ per month.

The tablet is ready to use as soon as you leave the Belgacom Centers; it can immediately be activated for surfing on the Proximus 3G network and switch to the customer’s Wi-Fi network at home.

The monthly volume included in the mobile subscription (250MB) allows customers on the move to visit about 750 web pages or 5.000 mobile web pages, or to read about 25.000 emails, or to download up to 60 music tracks.

With this offer, Belgacom allows more customers to take advantage of the infinite possibilities of the net at an affordable price, no matter where they are.

More details on this offer can be found on url: www.belgacom.be/tablet

The tablet is a future proof device which will enable entertainment services that Belgacom is developing for the near future.

All rates include VAT. More info: in every Belgacom Center or on www.belgacom.be/tablet or 0800 55 800