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AppTrigger Introduces Ignite Service Broker 11.0 for Voice Over LTE Networks

The US-based service broker solutions provider AppTrigger has unveiled the latest version of its Ignite Service Broker (v. 11), which enables carriers to deploy legacy applications, such as TDM (time-division multiplexing) voice services and SMS (short message service) over LTE. AppTrigger is currently allowing service providers to test drive both the technology and business case benefits of the Ignite Service Broker. 

AppTrigger, Inc., the leading provider of service broker solutions, today announced the launch of the Ignite™ Service Broker v. 11.0.  AppTrigger’s latest release of the Ignite Service Broker unleashes the power of TDM Voice Services over Long Term Evolution (LTE) mobile broadband networks, overcoming the gaps and risks between IMS and LTE development inefficiencies.

As telecom operators evaluate the business case for LTE, there is concern that this next-gen technology doesn’t adequately support their most critical and profitable circuit-switch applications, such as voice and SMS. In order to deploy voice services over LTE networks, carriers are forced to accelerate their adoption of IMS for voice, or use expensive, resource-intensive solutions, such as Voice over LTE via Generic Access (VoLGA) architecture, or deploying a separate 2G/3G network for voice and 4G network for data services.

“The promise of advanced data services that LTE brings carriers comes with deployment challenges,” said Patrick Fitzgerald, Sr. VP of Global Sales and Marketing at AppTrigger. “AppTrigger’s Ignite Service Broker connects critical revenue-generating legacy applications such as TDM voice or SMS to any NGN architecture, including IMS and LTE, providing operators with tremendous CapEx and OpEx savings and without re-inventing the wheel yet again.”
Key benefits of the Ignite Service Broker v11 include:

  • Service Broker enables Service Providers to extend current, revenue generating applications and services to LTE subscribers – Regardless of access architecture chosen
  • Pre-packaged interworking functionality accelerates time-to-market for critical revenue applications – Top most profitable applications and services included
  • XML based toolkit allows self-sufficient Service Providers to extend functionality as needed – Ensures platform can evolve with SPs networks

Service Brokers, a network element that resides between the service layer and the converging network, are  traditionally decoupled from the core switch and the service execution or service creation environment. Service Brokers efficiently manage service interaction and network orchestration with key features such as IM-SSF, SCIM, IN to IN Trigger Management, Protocol/Call Flow Management and Subscriber Data Management Interaction.  AppTrigger’s Ignite service broker enables carriers to preserve their investments in legacy applications by running them on next-generation networks, including LTE.
In order to help carriers better understand how Service Broker can benefit their existing and new network infrastructures, AppTrigger is allowing service providers to test drive both the technology and business case benefits of the Ignite Service Broker.  Launched this week, AppTrigger’s  3-Step integrated Ignite Your Network program includes an onsite demo, a 60-day onsite Lab Trial, and a complete business case and ROI analysis based on the CSPs network to application migration plans. To learn more about the AppTrigger Ignite™ Service Broker, visit http://www.apptrigger.com/ignite-program. Additional solution videos can be found at:  http://www.apptrigger.com/videos/

About LTE
Long-Term Evolution (LTE) is a technological standard for wireless mobile broadband networks. LTE networks offer higher data throughput to mobile terminals than technologies that are currently available in carrier networks. As a result, LTE allows service providers to deliver new, advanced mobile broadband services on a wide range of frequency bands, all while optimizing costs. This enables consumers to benefit from faster e-mail and file uploads, smoother synchronization with on-line servers, enhanced use of peer-to-peer applications such as "NetMeeting" and more. LTE is the accepted evolution path for all currently-deployed GSM, W-CDMA and CDMA networks, and is developed and maintained by the 3GPP standards body.

About AppTrigger, Inc.
With deployments worldwide, AppTrigger is dynamically changing the telecom application delivery marketplace by empowering its customers to insulate their revenue-producing applications from the challenges of the ever evolving fixed-line, mobile, and IP networks. AppTrigger’s Service Broker provides a purpose built unique combination of media, signaling, call control, and a family of APIs for multi-network, converged application deployments. In an environment of ongoing network evolution, AppTrigger delivers time to market advantages, reduces application deployment costs, and provides feature transparency across disparate networks.

AppTrigger, a founding member of The Service Broker Forum announced earlier this year is a multi-vendor forum aimed specifically at evangelizing and educating the telecommunication industry on the service broker product category through the sharing of ideas, opinions, and knowledge.