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Alcatel and Sun demonstrate new wireless enterprise application solution


Alcatel and Sun Microsystems are today announcing the launch of a new initiative aimed at service providers looking to offer enterprise applications over wireless networks. Combining their key strengths of telecom and IT infrastructure, Alcatel and Sun have developed an end-to end-mobile environment to assess content usability to allow service providers to offer new applications on live 2.5G and 3G network scenarios.

The new project is part of an expanded relationship between the two companies who are working closely together on the establishment of a multi-device Java(TM) technology-based provisioning solution for both consumer and enterprise-focused service providers.

Alcatel has been using its 3G Reality Centres to allow live tests on 2.5G and 3G network infrastructures while Sun has deployed its own "iForce" centres to enable end users and partners to test network applications. The combination of both structures will allow service providers to reduce risk and the time required to deploy new over the air downloadable applications and content. This capability illustrates the breadth and value of Alcatel's worldwide 3G Reality Centre program, bringing together and integrating key partners along the entire mobile value chain to foster the timely availability of end-to-end revenue-generating solutions for operators both in 2.5G and 3G environments.

The two companies will be promoting this new wireless infrastructure solution to service providers to enable them to deploy a number of Java(TM)-based downloadable services. The new wireless enterprise application service is the first iteration of this initiative.

Alcatel's advanced payment solution will allow service providers to deploy a "kiosk" business model, which senses what type of content is being downloaded and can bill appropriately for it (on a per-usage basis, in real time, either pre-or post-paid). This provides a useful way of managing the payment and revenue to be gained from downloadable content. This control is significant because it enables a new flexible business model, one where operators are able to manage the revenue suggested by the new content, throughout the value chain.

Mark Bauhaus, VP Java Web Services, Sun Microsystems, says: "With voice revenues static, operators are looking for ways to maximize revenue from data services. This new flexible billing- and revenue-sharing solution facilitates this process. Sun's industry-leading Java-based infrastructure and Alcatel's revenue-boosting solutions are combined in this initiative to bring real value to the wireless market."

The Alcatel and Sun solution is compelling because the solution is device-agnostic, in that it can be realised on a wide range of devices from both the fixed and wireless worlds. This is because of the unique structure of Java(TM), which is based on open standards, allowing a great degree of flexibility and interoperability. This end-to-end solution is based on best-in-class open security features allowing end-users to retrieve services in a completely secure way, using SunONE security products (in accordance with the Liberty Alliance Programme specifications).