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LTE Device and Tester Worries Evaporating

Wireless broadband solutions provider Anritsu has successfully demonstrated a 3GPP compliant end-to-end LTE data call over an air interface in cooperation with a leading device manufacturer in South Korea. The test was achieved using Anritsu’s RTD (Rapid Test Designer) test technology and the state of the art LTE device. Anritsu has demonstrated its leadership in the field, reinforcing the development of 3GPP compliant devices in line with the commercial timescales.

All the hype over UMTS’s Long Term Evolution (LTE), the leading wireless broadband technology, is looking increasingly justified.  In July, Anritsu and a leading device manufacturer in South Korea successfully demonstrated end-to-end LTE calls over an air interface.

Over the last few months a number of mobile network operators have declared intent to roll-out LTE networks, starting from 2010.  A frequently quoted barrier to this has been the availability of suitable devices and test equipment, but now there is good reason to be optimistic.

Anritsu in collaboration with this leading device manufacturer have jointly demonstrated a 3GPP compliant LTE data call.  The data call used a full protocol stack to create EPS bearers with several IP streams, carrying multiple video connections at broadband data rates.  This was achieved using Anritsu’s RTD test Application and MD8430A Signalling Tester, together with the state of the art LTE device. The RTD is the Rapid Test Designer software environment that enables fast and efficient development of tests, and the MD8430A is a multi-cell base-station emulator. Together they are able to simulate the LTE network and provide both the signalling and trace logs to enable development and verification of LTE mobile devices.

 Rick Gelaky, Product Manager at Anritsu said, “Working closely together with this manufacturer has allowed us to be the first test equipment supplier to show such a capability.  The RTD test system has been proven against test mobiles at rates of up to 150Mbps, and now to operate well against a commercial grade LTE device has strongly reinforced the industry position for development of 3GPP compliant devices in line with the commercial timescales.”

 Anritsu and the device manufacturer are now building on this early achievement to enhance the performance of their respective LTE equipment.  

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