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Planet - new step towards UMTS


Mobitel entered 2003 with a new corporate slogan: "There's more to life than words," communicating its commitment to the construction and start-up of the Mobitel UMTS network, in which. Speech and words will be only a part of a comprehensive and picturesque communication.

Mobitel UMTS in the second half of the year

Mobitel will commercially introduce UMTS in the second half of the year. The construction of the infrastructure is close to completion, and the commercial start is being prepared. In the first phase, the Mobitel UMTS signal will cover Ljubljana and Brnik. Dual-mode mobile phones will provide for automatic transfer between the Mobitel GSM and Mobitel UMTS networks.

051 - new network area code

The introduction of UMTS as well as the planned growth of the Mobitel GSM users (currently there are over 1,300,000) are the very reasons why, in the last week of January, the Slovenian mobile telecommunication operator will introduce the third network area code: in addition to 031 and 041 also 051.

It will be intended exclusively for new users - including those who enter directly the 3G mobile telecommunications. These new users will not be people only but also machines (household appliances, cameras, monitoring systems, controllers,...). The current users will keep their network area codes (031 or 041 or 051) and personal telephone numbers in the Mobitel UMTS network.

The Planet - Content reach Multimedia Portal

On 15 February, the Mobitel GSM users will get to know multimedia portal called the Planet. The Planet intertwines and integrates various technologies (SMS, WAP, WEB, MMS, ?), enabling, via a simple graphic interface with icons, access to all Mobitel's contents and services.

The Planet as a live, constantly changing organism, will also be an excellent platform in 3G mobile telecommunications. When the Mobitel UMTS network becomes alive in the second half of this year, the users of this technologically most advanced highway will also access the same Planet to find even more multimedia contents and services