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3 and Nokia Siemens Networks Complete Radio Technology Upgrade and Demonstrate Ireland's First Roll Out of I-HSPA
www.nokiasiemensnetworks.com Nokia Siemens Networks has upgraded 3 Ireland’s network to I-HSPA (Internet High Speed Packet Access), or HSPA+, technology. The I-HSPA rollout is part of Ireland’s National Broadband Scheme (NBS), for which 3 has been selected as the mobile network provider. I-HSPA technology will enable peak download speeds of up to 7.2 Mbps in both NBS areas and 3’s existing network, with the upgrade to 14.4 Mbps planned in 2010.

3, Ireland’s fastest growing mobile and broadband operator, and Nokia Siemens Networks have demonstrated the I-HSPA technology and announced that the upgrade of the radio technology to enable higher broadband speeds has been completed.
Nokia Siemens Networks innovative I-HSPA (Internet High-Speed Packet Access) technology is currently being rolled out as part of the National Broadband Scheme, and will be extended to 3’s existing network in Ireland. It is the first commercial deployment of I-HSPA in Ireland.
The strategic agreement with Nokia Siemens Networks, will see 3 offering consumers and businesses in the NBS coverage areas and their existing network, access to high-speed and high capacity broadband services, operating on 7.2Mbps technology, upgraded during 2010 to operate on technology of 14.4Mbps. The project uses I-HSPA, the innovative flat network architecture optimized to carry huge volumes of data traffic, with its all-Internet Protocol (IP) backhaul.  
To prepare for I-HSPA technology and the National Broadband Scheme 3’s WCDMA network has been totally replaced with Flexi base station technology by Nokia Siemens Networks in an astonishingly rapid time of just one year – nearly 2 years quicker than the original estimate.
The new broadband network will build on 3’s new WCDMA/HSPA radio and packet core networks, allowing the service provider to build on the existing investments. I-HSPA also provides greater scalability and a smooth evolution path to the future mobile architectures “Long Term Evolution” (LTE).
Commenting on the demonstration, David Hennessy, Chief Technical Officer of 3 said: “With our demonstration today, 3 and Nokia Siemens Networks are bringing this cutting edge technology to Irish consumers in what is a world first, helping to build Ireland ’s leadership credentials in the knowledge economy. 3 are the network which continues to drive change and address the growing demand in the Irish broadband marketplace.  
“For a contract such as this, it was essential that we have an easy to implement, cost effective, and highly scalable wireless technology platform - as that would not only address our immediate needs, but also serve as a strong foundation for future expansion. I-HSPA made the most sense, since it offers , and is also extremely cost effective, and offers a path to future upgrades.”
“Across the world, wireless technologies are helping service providers break through traditional access barriers in rural areas to bring consumers in these areas into the digital fold. I-HSPA allows the benefits of broadband and wireless access to be combined and extended as a robust service,“ said Richard Kitts, customer business team head Hutchison global at Nokia Siemens Networks. “It also brings significant operational benefits to service providers and is thus the right choice for initiatives such as this.”
Nokia Siemens Networks is the forerunner in flat architecture solutions with its I-HSPA, Direct Tunnel and LTE platforms, helping operators to increase the efficiency of the mobile broadband networks, to cope with data explosion by lowering cost per gigabyte and to effectively serve their subscribers' needs and covering new areas and customer segments.