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3 Launches UK’s Best Value ‘One-Month’ Mobile Broadband Plan

3 UK has launched a one-month mobile broadband subscription contract, dubbed Broadband 5GB 1 Month. The offer includes a 3 mobile broadband SIM card with 5 GB of data for GBP 15 a month, which customers can use with or without their existing 3 USB dongle. New mobile broadband subscribers can purchase a new device, including the Huawei MF627 or E156g USB modem, for GBP 19.99.

Subscribers can opt to upgrade their PAYG broadband packages to a pay monthly after which they won’t have to purchase a new 3 dongle.

Britain’s biggest Mobile Broadband network 3 brings you Britain’s most flexible and affordable contract with just a 1 month commitment.

‘Broadband 5GB 1 month’ provides customers with a 3 Mobile Broadband sim complete with 5GB of data for just £15 a month to use with their existing 3 dongle. 5GB is enough to send 5,000 emails or about 50 hours of web surfing.

And far from asking for the standard 12, 18 or 24 month minimum term required by most Mobile Broadband deals, ‘Broadband 5GB 1 month’ is a 1 month contract. After that, consumers can cancel by giving just 30 days notice.

The offer is perfect for customers wishing to upgrade their Pay As You Go Mobile Broadband packages to Pay Monthly but fearful of the contract commitment, and they don’t even need to invest in a brand new 3 dongle.

For Mobile Broadband first-timers, or for those without a spare dongle, ‘Broadband 5GB 1 month’ can also be bought with a USB modem. The Huawei MF627, E156g and E1550 are all available for a one-off cost of £19.99.

3’s offer provides customers with a full 2GB more data than the competition at the same price-point. And the option of adding a dongle is over £9 cheaper than the nearest priced alternative.
Comparison table of £15 1 month contracts:

  02  Vodafone
Monthly fee   £15 £15
Data allowance
 3GB 1GB
Dongle price
 £59.99 £29.99 in stores
£49.99 telesales

‘Broadband 5GB 1 month’ is available in store, online, and via telesales now.