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Huawei and TeliaSonera Achieves World's First LTE Mobile Broadband Connection

Norwegian operator Netcom, part of Swedish telecoms group TeliaSonera,  and its vendor partner Huawei have trialled what the companies claim to be the world's first mobile broadband connection using a live commercial LTE network in Oslo, Norway. The development is part of TeliaSonera/Netcom’s commercial LTE network deployment scheduled to be completed in the Norwegian capital in 2010. The move follows last week’s opening of the world’s first LTE (Long Term Evolution) site in Stockholm, Sweden, supported by Ericsson.

Huawei and TeliaSonera/Netcom, today announced the world's first mobile broadband Internet connection over a live commercial LTE network in Oslo, Norway.

This demonstration saw download speeds to mobile devices greater than what is currently available. Based on Huawei's LTE solution, TeliaSonera's LTE network will benefit from high quality and extensive capacity to provide end users with the best mobile communication experience.

Mr. August Baumann President of Netcom (subsidiary of TeliaSonera in Norway) says: "We appreciate the professional implementation from Huawei and we are very pleased to make this world' s first LTE session in Norway. It is a significant step bringing our customers much closer to real fourth generation mobile broadband service. It is also a milestone in the cooperation between TeliaSonera and Huawei."
"We are proud and excited to support TeliaSonera in completing its mobile broadband connection over the world' s first live LTE network", says James Chen, Managing Director of Huawei Nordic Office, "The first LTE session reflects Huawei' s leadership in the most cutting-edge of technologies and its ability to build LTE networks. We are well positioned to deliver a high quality network that will enable leading operators like TeliaSonera to achieve business success."

The first showcase on the live LTE network in Oslo, between a Laptop PC with a 4G modem and public Internet/Intranet included downloading of high resolution photos, music, movies and mobile business applications, at a speed much quicker than most available fixed internet accesses of today.
By adopting the LTE MIMO and OFDM technologies (Multiple Input Multiple Output and Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplex, key radio technologies of LTE), the download peak data rate can reach 150 Mbps in one LTE cell with multiple terminals.

To view the demonstration, please visit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gkvCpZxsl-Q