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“Intelligent” Antennas Rolled Out for Telecom Italia’s Next Generation Mobile Network

Telecom Italia has installed its first six “intelligent” mobile phone antennas in Bologna, capable of enhancing HSPA technology performance. Developed by Telecom Italia and manufactured in partnership with Nokia Siemens Networks, the new antennas optimize the performance of HSPA base stations by allocating transmission capacity as effectively as possible on the basis of continuous monitoring of customers’ bandwidth requirements. The technology also reduces power usage and electromagnetic fields.

Through the Telecom Italia Lab Innovation Centre, Telecom Italia and Nokia Siemens Networks have developed and manufactured the first “intelligent” mobile phone antennas capable of enhancing High Speed Packet Access (HSPA) technology performance. More compact and versatile, these antennas optimize mobile phone base station performance by enhancing the quality of service supplied to customers, while at the same time drawing less power and reducing electromagnetic fields.

The antennas monitor customers’ bandwidth requirements and use this information to allocate transmission capacity and supply service as effectively as possible. In effect, these antennas are not static but dynamic devices capable of modulating network performance to meet customers’ real, on-the-ground needs. These “intelligent” antennas are a key stepping stone towards more efficient mobile broadband usage, particularly in view of next-generation 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) systems.
Telecom Italia has installed its first 3G network “intelligent” masts in Bologna. Over the next few months, the company will be rolling out further masts elsewhere in Italy.
Stefano Pileri, Head of Telecom Italia Technology & Operations, comments: “‘Intelligent’ antenna technology is supporting mobile network evolution towards ultra broadband, and offering Telecom Italia a sustainable network development path from 3G to 4G. Developed by TILAB in partnership with Nokia Siemens Networks’ R&D units, this achievement underscores the importance of advanced research in developing new technologies that provide a competitive advantage as we install new network systems and provide advanced services to customers.”