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PTC Customers to Surf at Speed with Mobile Broadband

Polish mobile operator PTC has selected Nokia Siemens Networks for a major 2G and 3G network upgrade and expansion contract to enable high-speed multimedia services and high-quality voice calls. Under the terms of the deal, Nokia Siemens Networks will deliver equipment, including its Flexi Base Station, as well as providing PTC with NetAct network management and service management.

Nokia Siemens Networks has been chosen for the modernization and improvement project, which will further support PTC continuous technological developments to the network and allow for expanding the scope of services it offers to its customers in Poland.

The upgrade will increase the capacity of PTC’s 2G and 3G networks for data traffic and broadband access, providing consumers on the move with high-speed data and multimedia services.

Under an annex to the frame contract, Nokia Siemens Networks will deliver its solution, including the industry-leading Nokia Siemens Networks Flexi Base Station as well as provide PTC with the NetAct network management and service management solution for maximizing network performance along with implementation and maintenance services for a smooth and stable network expansion, without interrupting the network coverage during the upgrade.

“The current project builds on our successful long-term cooperation with our partners at PTC and our understanding of their needs,” said Radomir Grucza, the head of Nokia Siemens Networks in Poland. “It also confirms Nokia Siemens Networks’ leadership in providing its customers with innovative solutions.”

Nokia Siemens Networks is the industry leader in 3G networks, with close to 150 commercial WCDMA (Wideband Code-division Multiple Access) customers and connecting more than 150 million subscribers. Nokia Siemens Networks also is the industry leader in LTE development, with successful technology demonstrations, field trials and its end-to-end solution based on the Flexi Multimode Base Station, a revolutionary small and modular, energy-efficient node built upon the market leading Flexi BTS platform being already in commercial rollout with WCDMA software.