Thursday, 16 July 2009 
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Mobile Broadband Europe Leadership Seminar

  • Seminar Agenda (PDF 91KB)
  • Examination of Mobile Technologies
  • Frequency Bands for IMT
  • Mobile TV Advertising and Business Models
  • Mobile TV Service at Mobitel – Why and How
  • NFC and RFID Services and Platforms
  • Optimising HSPA & HSPA+ Migration to meet Customer Demands & Expectations
  • WCDMA 900 Deployment Considerations
  • Mobile Broadband Connecting the Mass Markets
  • Harmonising the Digital Dividend Band in Europe
  • LTE Standardisation Status and LTE Advanced
  • Nokia WCDMA 900 Terminals
  • Refarming the 900MHz Band for 3G/UMTS: Business Challenges and Regulatory Status
  • Vendor Perspectives on Digital Dividend Clearance
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