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Alcatel, TNO Telecom and RTL Television demonstrate mobile television at CeBIT


Alcatel and TNO Telecom today announced they have launched a technical project with RTL Television for the development of innovative new 3G/UMTS mobile applications and services. At CeBIT, the largest annual ICT trade fair in Europe which is being held in Hannover, Alcatel and TNO Telecom will show live television broadcasting from RTL on mobile handsets, using Alcatel's 3G/UMTS technology and TNO's 3G Internet Video Gateway.

This live demonstration shows an exciting new application of mobile communications; watching live television, any place, any time. It will provide a look into the communications technology of tomorrow and is an example of how this technology will change our lives.

"On the road to UMTS, operators need end-to-end solutions that can generate the next growth wave ," declared Marc Rouanne, Chief Operating Officer of Alcatel's Mobile Communications Group. "This promising project with TNO and RTL Television is a perfect illustration of Alcatel's openness, making its technology available to content owners and enabling them to leverage Alcatel's advanced systems for local applications."

"TNO Telecom is not only keen on advanced research and development but also on bringing these developments to the market. This technical project with Alcatel and RTL Television is a clear and important example," added Rob Langezaal, Director of TNO Telecom.

"We are pleased to see that new ways of mobile distribution for television content are maturing. It opens up new grounds for us but above all for the end users", says Andre Prahl, Head of RTL's Network department.

TNO Telecom has recently joined the worldwide 3G Reality Centre Program of Alcatel in order to share their development of a 3G Internet Video Gateway, enabling content providers to offer video streams to mobile users quite easily. The demonstrations with this 3G Internet Video Gateway will be running on the latest Alcatel EvoliumTM 3G technology. This co-operation between Alcatel, TNO Telecom and RTL once again illustrates the dimension and soundness of the worldwide 3G Reality Centre program, bringing together and integrating key partners along the entire mobile value chain. It allows fostering the timely availability of end-users revenue generating services for operators both in 2.5G and 3G environments.