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Turkcell Granted A-Type 3G Licence

Turkey’s Information Technologies and Communications Authority (TK) has awarded three UMTS licences to existing mobile operators after the 3G tender was cancelled in May 2007 as only Turkcell participated in the auction. The country’s leading mobile operator Turkcell secured the highest frequency class-A UMTS licence after it placed the highest bid of 358 million euro. Vodafone won the second highest frequency class-B UMTS licence for 250 million euro, while Turk Telecom’s mobile unit Avea offered 214 million euro for the lowest frequency class-C licence. The fourth UMTS licence was cancelled due to lack of interest. Turkey is the only European country without 3G mobile technology. The first WCDMA networks will be rolled out in the course of 2009, enabling Turkish mobile operators to take advantage of fast-growing demand for mobile broadband services.

Following the 3G tender for the issue of the four separate licenses by the Telecommunications Authority regarding the authorization for providing IMT 2000/UMTS services and infrastructure, Turkcell today announced it has been granted the A Type licence providing the widest frequency band, at a consideration of EUR358 million (excluding VAT).

Mr. Sureyya Ciliv, Turkcell's CEO, commented; “We are very pleased and proud of being granted the 3G license which is of great importance for the future of Turkish society and the economy. With 3G technology, we entered into a new era of communication. 3G technology will expedite mobile communication and lead to economic growth. Turkcell is introducing the most advanced technologies in Turkey like it has been doing so far. We are continuing to invest in the future of Turkey. In the current global macro economic climate Turkcell is eager to roll out this new technology, which will highlight Turkey in international competition, to its customers and the business community as soon as possible.”

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Source: http://www.turkcell.com.tr/en/investorRelations/announcements#