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DNA Launches Even More Affordable Subscription Option DNA Mainio

Finland’s third largest mobile operator has launched a partially ad-funded mobile tariff plan branded Mainio, inspired by the European ad-sponsored MVNO Blyk. DNA expects that Mainio will boost the usage of MMS and video calls by its 3G customers. Mainio features marketing messages sent through SMS, MMS and e-mail. Mobile operators gradually turn to mobile advertising as a potentially lucrative new revenue stream. The example of Blyk has proven mobile advertising to be a successful advertising medium with the younger audiences.

Today, DNA launches a mobile phone subscription partly financed with advertisements. In return for even lower charges, the DNA Mainio subscription offers users benefits, special offers and announcements from DNA and advertisers. The affordable price is based not only on offering marketing content but also on DNA’s cost-efficient, customer-driven business approach.

Thanks to an efficient solution and a new kind of marketing cooperation concept, DNA Mainio can offer highly affordable call charges. Furthermore, multimedia messages and video calls are very inexpensive.

‘Our aim is to offer customers a new kind of option. DNA’s innovative way of developing services, and marketing cooperation with partners, ensure lower charges than before, and, moreover, valuable benefits for our customers’, explains Erik Sylvestersson, Sales and Marketing Director, DNA Finland Ltd.

‘The Mainio subscription continues DNA’s traditions of affordable pricing. Special offers and benefits sent to a mobile or e-mail are a feature that our customers have been requesting. Our potential partners are also thrilled by the new subscription’s interactive features’, continues Mr Sylvestersson.

With DNA Mainio, the charge for calls and video calls is only 6.7 cents per minute, without a call start-up fee, while the charge for sending text and multimedia messages is 6.7 cents each.

‘As a launch campaign, we offer an even more affordable DNA Mainio: until the end of February, DNA Mainio calls and video calls to all domestic subscriptions will only cost 4.9 cents per minute, and text and multimedia messages, correspondingly, 4.9 cents each’, says Mr Sylvestersson.

‘The use of 3G phones with camera has become continuously more common, but their multimedia and video call features have been utilised fairly little due to relatively high prices. DNA Mainio is an ideal choice for this large target group’, continues Mr Sylvestersson.

The monthly fee of DNA Mainio is 65 cents per month. Contact channels for marketing messages are the telephone, SMS and MMS service and e-mail. As usual, the subscription entails free-of-charge customer service and an invoice on paper. ‘We are continuously developing products and services for which there is a genuine need. We have clearly succeeded in this, since the number of DNA mobile phone subscriptions has continued rising fastest and, according to a recent EPSI Rating survey*, we have the most satisfied customers in Finland’, concludes Mr Sylvestersson.

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