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Vodafone Launches 3G Mobile Network

Vodafone last night launched its Third Generation (3G) Mobile Network that it says will “completely revolutionise mobile communication in Fiji”.

In a colourful launch held at the Fiji Museum, Vodafone proudly unveiled the full bouquet of Mobile Broadband products on offer through the 3G technology.  These include; Video Calling, high speed Picture Messaging and high speed Internet services on wireless mobile broadband. Vodafone Fiji is the first mobile operator in the South Pacific to have launched the 3G technology.

In his opening remarks, The Managing Director of Vodafone Fiji, Mr Aslam Khan said, “This is a milestone achievement and another “first” by Vodafone.  We are excited about the launch of our Next Generation 3G mobile network and mobile broadband services in Fiji.  This will clearly give us a major competitive advantage in the market.”

“Vodafone is the premier mobile network in Fiji.  We are committed to ensuring that our customers are the first to receive cutting edge technology when it comes to mobile telecommunications in Fiji”, said Mr Khan.

We changed the face of telecommunications when we first introduced mobile telephony service (GSM) in Fiji 14 years ago.  Now, with the launching of our 3G service, Vodafone is once again setting the pace for mobile telecommunications in Fiji. In simple terms, “we lead and others follow”, said Mr Khan.

With the launch of 3G, Vodafone subscribers for the first time ever in Fiji will be able to see the person they are talking to though the video calling service. In other words, you will be able to speak face to face with your caller in real time from different locations at any time. This new and exciting service is exclusive to Vodafone subscribers only. 

Furthermore, you can spice up your text messages, by adding colored pictures, animations and sound using the multi-media service. In essence, we are introducing visuals, sound and motion into our messaging services. Not only will this service be available from mobile to mobile, but mobile to PC as well PC to PC. It will be possible for subscribers to send MMS to any email address using the service.

Mobile Internet will provide our subscribers with high speed internet access on their laptops, PCs and mobile phones. The activation of these services is very simple and the Vodafone staff will be on hand through our retail outlets and roadshows to demonstrate how to access our 3G product and services.

The products offered through 3G will not only keep our subscribers informed and entertained, but will enable them to work better and more efficiently from any location at any time. Mobility with superior speeds is what we are offering.  In Fiji’s context, a practical scenario where the mobile broadband could come in handy is, imagine yourself being caught up in the early morning traffic between Suva and Nausori. You can quickly pull over side of the road and respond to that urgent email through your laptop using the mobile broadband.

Consumers have demonstrated a growing need for high-speed data services, especially among the corporate world. Mobile broadband possesses the advantages of mobile telecommunications and broadband services. Not only can it greatly enhance mobile networks’ bandwidth bearing, but it also enables consumers to enjoy multimedia communications anytime and anywhere where there is 3G network coverage.

The mobile broadband slots into a laptop and connects via Vodafone’s high-speed 3G HSDPA network. The Data Card enables customers to browse the Internet, send and receive SMS, chat using their existing instant messaging service, access business applications such as Internet based e-mail accounts and connect to their company’s network using their company’s existing VPN solution - all from the convenience of their laptop anytime and anywhere where there is coverage.. They can download large volumes of data such as large e-mail attachments faster than ever before.  Other services that will be made available include video conferencing, video streaming, and high speed internet downloads.

In essence, the Data Card offers a mobile connectivity solution which provides our customers with even more flexibility and accessibility to information, while at the same time increasing productivity on the move.

And for PC users, we offer the world’s smallest and fastest mobile broadband with USB modem which largely facilitates wireless network access for both laptops and PCs.
The seamless access to different network services offered through the Data Card and USB modem will enable greater flexibility for Vodafone customers and maintain high levels of service performance.

Mobile Broadband has measurable advantages in a corporate environment. Its simplicity and convenience enables users to have secure remote access to their company network making life much more efficient and life more fun to enjoy. Quite simply, it means you can work out of office without compromising your productivity.
Mobile Broadband is truly the one stop mobile solution, allowing you access to the internet, your office and e-mail at broadband speed.
In the first phase Mobile Broadband is available in the Suva to Nausori and Suva to Lami corridor. When customers are out of the 3G coverage area, they stay connected by seamlessly switching to Vodafone’s high-quality GPRS network, available across the country.  The next phase of the rollout will see mobile broadband service available from the Coral Coast to Ba along the Queens Highway.

Mobile broadband is an important step forward for Vodafone Fiji, as the telecommunications industry enters a new era in mobile communication.  Hence, Vodafone is proud to usher Fiji into the wireless infotainment age. With 3G HSDPA we are dramatically changing the way in which our customers will communicate with their mobile phones. It is a whole new experience, one that is innovative, convenient and certainly fun.

Competition in the mobile market is heating up and Vodafone does not plan on slowing down. We will continue to work hard to ensure that we keep Fiji at the forefront of communication in our part of the world. We are committed to keeping you ahead by providing you with the latest technologies along with reliable and superior network quality.

If you still have not tried mobile broadband, now is the time get hooked.