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NTT DOCOMO Unveils 22 Handsets in Four All-new Series

NTT DOCOMO, INC. announced today the coming release of 22 handsets in four new series — docomo STYLE series™, docomo PRIME series™, docomo SMART series™ and docomo PRO series™ — which are closely attuned to the latest preferences and lifestyles of mobile phone users. The handsets will be variously launched on or after November 19 (see charts below).

By shifting from its existing lineup of mainly 90xi and 70xi series handsets (currently 906i and 706i), DOCOMO expects its four new series of handsets to exceed the expectations of customers at a time when the mobile phone market has become highly matured and user needs have greatly diversified.

  • docomo STYLE series
    Distinctive mobile phones, designed like accessories and offered in a wide variety of fashionable designs and colors for individuals who want to project the latest "look."
  • docomo PRIME series
    Full-feature mobile phones for the maximum enjoyment of video, games and other entertainment by people who love to explore the latest multimedia.
  • docomo SMART series
    Sophisticated mobile phones for busy people who want to live productively and enhance the management of their professional and private lives.
  • docomo PRO series
    The most advanced high-spec mobile phones for those who love cutting-edge digital tools and can't get enough of the newest, hottest technology.

The reorganization of the handset lineup to offer more choices reflects the strengthened customer-oriented approach in all facets of DOCOMO's business since April 18, 2008, when the company introduced new branding and the New DOCOMO Commitments proclamation to emphasize its dedication to full customer satisfaction.

The new model numbers and their planned launch dates/periods are shown below.

docomo STYLE series Launch

F-02A December 2008
N-02A November to December 2008
N-03A November 2008
P-02A January to March 2009
P-03A December 2008 to January 2009
SH-02A December 2008 to January 2009

docomo PRIME series Launch

F-01A November 19, 2008 (fixed)
F-03A January to March 2009
L-01A November to December 2008
N-01A November 2008
P-01A November 2008
SH-01A November 2008
SH-03A December 2008

docomo SMART series Launch

F-04A February to March 2009
N-04A January to March 2009
P-04A February to March 2009
P-05A February to March 2009

docomo PRO series Launch

HT-01A November to December 2008
HT-02A December 2008 to January 2009
SH-04A February to March 2009
BlackBerry® Bold™ February to March 2009
NOKIA E71 February to March 2009

Features of New DOCOMO Handsets

1. Services for New Uses of Mobile Phones

  • i-concier™ lifestyle-assist service
    Concierge-like assistance for timely, automatic provision and update of info according to the user's individual preferences, pre-registered locations, etc.
    Animated icon on standby screen notifies user that info has been updated and then automatically adds the info to the scheduler, phonebook, etc.
  • i-Widget™ for phone customization
    Access to up to eight frequently used Widget Appli applications (search window, stock quotes, etc.) on the i-Widget screen with the press of a button.
    Third-party Widget Appli applications can be downloaded to customize the phone.
  • i-appli™ online for real-time communication, gaming, etc. with multiple users
    New feature for i-appli applications, including multiplayer games.
    i-appli call™ to invite multiple people to join a game or other application.
  • Enhanced map services
    Chizu Talk™ for monitoring multiple persons' locations in real time, sharing photos and checking up to 10 recent mail messages attached to a map.
    Compatibility with mobile version of Google Maps™ Street View feature, providing panoramic street-level views on the go.

2. Upgraded Features

  • More models with Bluetooth®
    Wireless transmission capability for flexible enjoyment of videos, "One-Seg" mobile TV and music.
  • More models with touch-panel screens
    Easy operation of mobile phone from intuitive menu on touch-panel screen.
  • Flash®-compatible Full Browser
    Smooth browsing of PC websites with Flash 8 videos.
  • FOMA™ High-Speed 7.2 Mbps
    Faster downloads of large files and browsing with i-mode™ and Full Browser.
  • 3G high-speed international roaming
    High-speed packet-data roaming via compatible services overseas.
  • Batch downloads
    Simultaneous downloading of multiple image files, such as Deco-mail™ pictograms, from i-mode sites.

3. Improved Usability and Easier Upgrading

  • Unified input and keys
    Character input methods and key configurations are now standardized among most manufacturers.
    Batch transfers of user data files
    Contacts, bookmarks, mail, schedules and text memos can be simultaneously transferred to microSD™ memory card.
  • Batch transfers of multiple files, including MP4 videos, GIF/JPEG images, mail, bookmarks and data files via infrared also are possible, making upgrades to new handsets easier.