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Motorola unveils first wave of mobile handsets, applications and experiences for 2003 including the Motorola A835, powered with 3G technology PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 08 January 2003

Motorola today unveiled its first 2003 additions to the Motorola Personal Communications Sector's mobile experience portfolio of handsets, applications and accessories.

Motorola's handsets, applications and accessories strategy moving through 2003 is evolutionary and leverages the strength of the company's 2002 offerings as well as reinvigorated "Moto" brand resonance with consumers worldwide. Motorola's eight new GSM mobile offerings unveiled in Shanghai provide consumers advanced innovations in messaging (EMS and MMS), Java(TM), GPRS, EDGE and UMTS/WCDMA, with brilliant color screens and dynamic polyphonic speakers prominently featured throughout. These products represent the first wave of mobile phones to be introduced by Motorola in 2003 as the company continues to demonstrate its strength across GSM, UMTS/WCDMA, CDMA and TDMA technologies.

Throughout 2003 Motorola promises mobile consumers will have a quick escape from those moments of microboredom, as the latest gaming capabilities are integrated into new handsets such as the Motorola T725 (EDGE -- Enhanced Data Rates for Global Evolution) and Motorola A835 (UMTS -- Universal Mobile Telecommunications System). Motorola's leadership in wireless Java applications, and the ever-expanding bandwidth of such infrastructure technologies as EDGE and UMTS, enables new mobile handsets to have the speed and power to help consumers steal a moment of fun with just a few touches of the keypad. Adding crystal clear graphics, video capabilities, rich colors, and new movement and sound technology, consumers will enjoy a gaming experience so close to reality that they will feel as though they're actually behind the wheel careening through the twists and turns of the Grand Prix.

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