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Soleus Version 1.50 Supports 3G Connection Speeds and Accelerates Time-to-Market for Media-Centric Handheld Devices

Intrinsyc Software International, Inc., a global wireless software solutions provider, today announced the release of Soleus version 1.50. Soleus is a proven software platform for smart consumer phones, connected personal navigation devices (PND) and media-centric handhelds based on Windows® Embedded CE. Soleus version 1.50 will enable device makers to build handsets that can support third-generation (3G/3.5G) high-speed HSDPA and HSUPA data connections, while also allowing differentiation through unique customization of compelling user-interfaces (UI) and applications.

“This latest Soleus software release delivers important features for the development of next-generation handhelds and enables a breakthrough mobile device by Quanta Computer expected later this year,” said Glenda Dorchak, CEO and Chairman, Intrinsyc Software. “Intrinsyc continues to innovate on Soleus, recognizing the increasing value of the application and UI software that enables compelling user experiences and expedites development of unique feature-rich handhelds, with our existing and future customers.”

Building on Intrinsyc’s reputation as an innovative provider of wireless software solutions, Soleus version 1.50 includes a new level of flexibility in data connection management for both the device maker and end-user. The new Soleus Network Connection Manager delivers a powerful framework to allow multiple GPRS, UMTS and other Internet Protocol (IP) connections (such as WiFi) to be used simultaneously. This latest version of Soleus can also be combined with Microsoft® Windows® Embedded NavReady to provide an optimized solution for the development of connected Portable Navigation Devices (PNDs).

“At Intrinsyc, we deliver powerful wireless software solutions for the rapid development of compelling connected devices, such as GPS-enabled mobile-phones,” said Souheil Gallouzi, Vice President & General Manager, Mobile Products & Development, Intrinsyc Software. “Users of devices based on Soleus version 1.50 will benefit from 3G and 3.5G speeds, and the ability to easily manage multiple data connections. The combination of Soleus and Windows Embedded NavReady enables manufacturers to rapidly create connected PNDs with differentiated user-experiences, unique UI and high utility; devices that will allow high-speed Internet connections to LiveSearch, real-time traffic updates from MSN Direct, and instant access to at-a-glance information such as stock quotes and weather reports.”

“Windows Embedded is excited to recognize Intrinsyc as a leading innovator with its Soleus software platform,” said Ilya Bukshteyn, Director of Marketing for the Windows Embedded Business. “Soleus, based on Windows Embedded CE, allows handset makers to develop smart, user-friendly and feature-rich navigation devices that make it easy for users to go from point A to point B and stay connected along the way.”

Leading wireless device makers are using Soleus to speed development of GPS-enabled navigation devices that deliver real-time traffic reports and point-of-interest updates, as well as let end-users stay connected with messaging, phone, and email. With its wireless engineering expertise, extensive experience with multiple operating systems and the Soleus software platform, Intrinsyc offers complete software solutions to makers of media-centric connected handheld devices, enabling the differentiation and customization of applications and user-interfaces across multiple platforms. With the pending acquisition of strategic assets of navigation software provider Destinator Technologies, Intrinsyc will further strengthen its offering to the connected PND and GPS-enabled handset market.