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3 launches Mobile Broadband Starter Kits...

...and makes broadband on the go even easier and better value for customers.

3 launched Mobile Broadband Starter Kits for Pay As You Go customers. Containing a Mobile Broadband ZTE or Huawei e220 dongle pre-loaded with data, the Kit allows new users to be up and running within minutes with no need to organise their own Top-ups.

Kits are available with varying amounts of pre-paid credit which can be used over 3, 12 or 24 months giving customers the flexibility to use their allowance whenever they want over that period. Once the pre-paid credit period is over, customers can continue to use their Starter Kit dongle by simply buying Top-ups and Broadband Add-ons via the regular channels. The Kits are available online or in 3 Stores across the UK from 4 June.

Mobile Broadband Starter Kits: 

Moreover, for customers looking to take up Pay As You Go Mobile Broadband for the first time, the Starter Kits provide great value for money. While 3's standard Pay As You Go offer is already market leading in its own right, the Starter Kit is set to be up to 20 per cent cheaper for new customers. Based on 1GB of data at £10, customers can save £10 with the 3GB Broadband Starter Kit, £20 pounds for the 12GB and £40 for the 24GB.

  Data allowance   Data validity    ZTE or e220 dongle Price 
3GB Broadband Starter Kit 3GB 3 months Included £69.99
12GB Broadband Starter Kit 12GB 12 months Included £149.99
24GB Broadband Starter Kit 24GB 24 months Included £249.99