3's the key for stylish surfing

3 mobile has launched a new-look Internet Key to deliver exceptional broadband speed and style to those on-the-go.

With more consumers snapping up Mobile Broadband, 3’s new small and slimline device is cable-free, slotting into a USB port for instant broadband internet access.

The new 3 Mobile Broadband Internet Key is available in soft touch black or shiny white, and is compatible for Windows and Mac users and features an extra antenna to boost the 3 broadband signal if it’s needed.

Today, in 3’s Broadband Zone, the Internet Key delivers speeds of up to 1.5Mbps, and because the Internet Key is HSDPA 7.2 enabled, when 3 completes the next upgrade of its network to 7.2Mbps, it will automatically support even faster data speeds.

“Consumer take up of mobile broadband is growing rapidly because people want to get online on the move without an expensive plan and with a device that’s really easy to use and looks good. Style is getting to be an important factor, just like it is with a mobile phone,” said Noel Hamill, 3’s Director Sales, Marketing and Product.

3’s Mobile Broadband plans start at just $15 per month for 1 gigabyte of data and 3’s Mobile Broadband Internet Key, which is available on a $15 (1GB), $29 (3GB) or $49 (6GB) plan over 24 months, is only $10 per month or $5 per month for existing customers or customers signing up to either the $29 (2GB) or $49 (4GB) plan over 24 months. Sign up by calling 133 907 or visiting a 3 store. Find out more at: www.three.com.au