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Huawei Completes Service Handover Between WCDMA and GPRS PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 29 May 2003

Huawei Technologies, announced the company's success of service handover between WCDMA system and GPRS system completed in its Shanghai 3G trial network.

Based on Huawei integrated 2.5G/3G PS (Packet Switched) domain products, such as the SGSN9810, this service handover is made seamlessly between WCDMA and GPRS systems using two commercial dual-mode handsets.

Another feature that highlights this demonstration is only one set of SGSN (Serving GPRS Support Node) is needed to provide the packet data services for both 2.5G and 3G networks. Huawei PS domain products have catered to the trend of GPRS backbone construction, supporting smooth handover of services between WCDMA and GPRS.

"The smooth service handover between 3G and 2G/2.5G is very important for the initial rollout of 3G network," said Yu Chengdong, Vice President of Huawei Technologies and Chief Director of the company's wireless products.

"It is Huawei's integrated 2.5G/3G PS domain products that guarantee the service transparency during the handover. This test is a further sign of Huawei's technical precedence and maturity regarding our WCDMA solutions, "he added.

Supporting both GPRS and WCDMA, Huawei PS domain products have been widely used throughout the world. They're serving not only the GPRS networks in China, Russia, Thailand, and South Africa, but also in over 20 trial WCDMA networks of the metropolitans like Beijing, Shanghai and Moscow.

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