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VEEDIA™ extends reach of Flash Video and multimedia applications with new Flash 3G Video Gateway release

Cystelcom Sistemas, a leading supplier of 3G mobile video solutions, announced the release of the Veedia Flash 3G Video Gateway, incorporating state-of-the-art technologies to enable any 3G device to access interactive Flash video and multimedia applications. The Flash 3G Video Gateway Release is available immediately.

Adobe Flash popularity fuels the exponential growth of Internet video applications mainly due to its nonexclusive nature, so much so that today the majority of computers across the globe have Flash client. Veedia Flash 3G Video Gateway leverages this opportunity enabling 3G video call users to seamlessly access Flash based applications.

The IMS ready platform is a Flash to 3G video gateway that permits mobile users to access Flash based web applications with video and multimedia content by placing a standard video call from any 3G handset. This means users can access live streaming webcams, pre-recorded and interactive video, games, animations and more.

"We're very excited about our new video call gateway which fits well with our overall mission: to connect 3G and IP networks, and most importantly—to provide a new way to deliver mobile video services," said David Ramirez, Director of Development at Cystelcom Sistemas. "Now, by simply dialing a number users easily connect to interactive Flash video portals—like live webcams—and can even directly stream their own live video feeds from their 3G phones through the same video call."

Ramirez added, "Moreover, our solution is not WAP-based, and therefore eliminates some important mobile services uptake barriers, like the need to download software to get started, handset and operating system requirements and data access configuration limitations."

Veedia Flash 3G Video Gateway is the first mobile video platform to enable content owners and service providers to rapidly extend Flash applications currently available on the Internet to 3G mobile users, with zero integration and no extra development.

3G users are not the only ones to benefit. Traditional IP/ISDN videoconferencing equipment, such as H.323/SIP clients, and Polycom/Tandberg/Cisco videoconferencing equipment can also access Flash based applications.

Using Veedia, customers of all sizes have an easy way to expand the range of applications for 3G users and get new mobile services to market quickly.