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Seeing is believing at HSPA mobile broadband pavilion at CTIA

3G Americas, a wireless trade association, will host the HSPA Mobile Broadband Pavilion at CTIA, April 1-3, 2008 in the Las Vegas Convention Center with the participation of 19 other companies.  Pavilion guests will see, feel and experience true mobile broadband services and applications on a broad variety of HSPA devices and learn about the evolution path to LTE. HSDPA is the leading mobile broadband technology commercially available today on 182 networks in 79 countries, with more than 400 devices available from 90 suppliers.

The HSPA Mobile Broadband Pavilion will allow attendees to put themselves in real-life scenarios and interact with products and applications that are available today to revolutionize their lives—at work, at home, in the classroom and on the move.  Guests will see many of the 400 different HSDPA devices currently available. Additionally, viewer-selected videos and presentations will be available for technology tutorials and real operator success stories worldwide. The future migration to LTE is exhibited as well as a roadmap to the numerous displays featuring live LTE demonstrations throughout CTIA.
Some of the demonstrations planned for the Pavilion include services that might be used "At Home" such as the "three-screen revolution," using an HSPA femtocell to integrate the home IPTV experience with a mobile device and a PC.  "On the Move" applications to be showcased include a file download and upload, laptop internet browsing, streaming video, IP meetings and group calls.  "In the Classroom" will feature an instant communications application, and "At Work" will showcase live video-sharing between a mobile device and a PC.  Another application solution to be shown adapts video streams from off-deck broadband sites for delivery on HSPA devices.
"HSPA is a global reality. We invite you to visit the HSPA Mobile Broadband Pavilion at CTIA and experience the vibrant HSPA ecosystem here today," said Chris Pearson, President of 3G Americas.  "At the same time, there is another growing ecosystem for LTE evolving rapidly with its recent 3GPP standards specifications approval. This is an ecosystem of vendors as impressive as that of HSPA, with operators already announcing their future LTE deployments."
Many members of 3G Americas will be present in the Pavilion to demonstrate or discuss HSPA and/or LTE technology. Members of the 3G Americas Board of Governors include: Alcatel-Lucent, AT&T, Cable & Wireless, Ericsson, Gemalto, HP, Motorola, Nortel Networks, Nokia, Openwave, Research in Motion (RIM), Rogers, T-Mobile USA, Telcel, Telefónica, and Texas Instruments.
The HSPA Mobile Broadband Pavilion is located in the Central Hall between the North Hall and South Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center at CTIA in the ‘Road to 4G’ zone. The Pavilion will be open Tuesday and Wednesday, 9am to 5pm and Thursday, 9am to 3pm (April 1-3). Media and analysts are encouraged to visit and contact 3G Americas for a private briefing and demonstrations.
HSPA, High Speed Packet Access, provides compelling advantages over competing technologies today, including the ability to support simultaneous voice and data services on the same radio spectrum, while also being backwards-compatible and enabling roaming across 220 countries worldwide.  Some network operators report HSDPA users can expect average throughput rates of 600-1400 Kbps on the downlink. HSUPA users, on 31 commercial networks worldwide, can today experience peak achievable rates close to 1 Mbps in the uplink under favorable conditions. HSPA Evolution (HSPA+), with volume deployments scheduled for 2009, will more than double HSPA capacity as well as reduce latency below 25 milliseconds.
LTE, Long Term Evolution, an approved 3GPP standard specification, is a high data rate, low latency wireless technology based on OFDMA technology, and the next evolutionary step for GSM operators after HSPA+. It will match or exceed the capabilities of any other OFDMA mobile standard.  For LTE, with advanced enhancements (MIMO), 3GPP reports peak theoretical network throughput rates of up to 326 Mbps and 86 Mbps respectively for the downlink and the uplink in 20 MHz of spectrum.