Saturday, 17 May 2008 
Vodafone to demonstrate the fastest mobile data transmission service in the wireless network at CeBIT PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 03 March 2008

Vodafone is the right address for anyone who wants to find out more about the simple and high-speed wireless transmission of large data volumes. Innovation leader, Vodafone, will be demonstrating the next generation of HSDPA, which delivers speeds of up to 28.8 mbit/s, at CeBIT 2008. It is clear confirmation that Vodafone is, once again, a first mover in the mobile broadband services market. 

The next generation of HSDPA and HSUPA can achieve even more impressive data rates in the Vodafone network. A test system at CeBIT is capable of speeds of up to 28.8 mbit/s (downlink) and 2 mbit/s (uplink). In future, this technology will offer genuine benefits to customers who rely on fast internet or intranet connections to the office. Auditors or sales representatives on assignments at their customer's premises, photographers who have to send in their photos from mobile terminals or radio and TV journalists who need to deliver their copy as fast as possible to their radio stations can all profit from Vodafone's data services.

"Vodafone is the uncontested number one in the mobile broadband services market. We demonstrated impressive proof of this last year when we received the Connect magazine's innovation award. We have the most efficient mobile network with the highest level of coverage in Germany," said Hartmut Kremling, CTO of Vodafone Germany. "And we're still extending it so that our customers get even more benefits."

Vodafone already has the most extensive 3G network in Germany. Its customers in over 2,250 towns and cities throughout the country already have 3G and 3G broadband with data transmission rates of up to 3.6 mbits/s. This means that Vodafone's services can be used by around 80 percent of the German population. Faster transmission rates of up to 7.2 mbit/s are already available at more than 350 hotspots at exhibition centres, airports, stations etc. Fast data uploads at rates of up to 1.45 mbit/s with HSUPA are already possible in over half of the regions with 3G /HSDPA coverage. The roll-out will be concluded by autumn 2008. Transmission rates of up to 1.45 mbits/s make it possible to send photos and large files from any location or from the office at much faster rates than are possible with conventional DSL broadband connections.

Ericsson is Vodafone's CeBIT partner for this test system.

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