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Thursday, 21 February 2008

As uni students head back to campus to juggle timetables, buy textbooks and sign up for the hottest uni clubs and societies, 3’s making one back-to-school choice easy with a range of new student-friendly packages to make it even easier to stay connected and get organised this year.

3 Skypephone – free Skype to Skype calls plus it’s a regular phone!
Leading the pack is the launch of 3’s new Student Skypephone Plan, delivering mobile Skype functionality for a student budget, with the phone FREE on a $29 cap over 12 months. Each month the $29 cap gives you $120 of call/messaging services, $70 free talk time for calling friends on the 3 network. Plus the 3 Skypephone comes with 4,000 free Skype-to-Skype minutes each month and 10,000 Skype Chat messages to talk to friends here and overseas without breaking the bank. For international students or those needing the freedom of a mobile without a contract period, 3 also offers the 3 Skypephone as a prepaid handset for just $149.

Exclusive to 3, the 3 Skypephone is the only mobile with in-built Skype functionality with one-button access to Skype (1). With over 3 million registered Skype users in Australia and millions more worldwide, they’ll be plenty of people to call for free – plus signing up for Skype is easy and free too.

3 Mobile Broadband and 3 Skypephone Bundle – never miss out on getting on line or having a chat
Adding high-speed web access to the mix, 3 is also launching the custom-built Student Bundle making it easy and affordable to students to stay in touch with friends and keep on top of their studies by combining the 3 Skypephone and Mobile Broadband USB modem in one easy package.

Priced at a student-friendly $69 per month (over a 12 month contract), the pack includes a 3 Skypephone (with $69 Cap inclusion) with a FREE Mobile Broadband USB unit including 2GB Data allowance per month, delivering all the web and call time needed on a student budget.

Slotting straight into a USB port, 3’s Mobile Broadband USB modem is really easy to use – for Windows just plug it in, follow a couple of prompts and connect to the web. (for Mac a CD is provided in the box)

The 3 Student Bundle also gives users access to optional add-ons available from Planet 3 including:

  • A generous monthly amount of Mobile Web data2 including Facebook, YouTube and Google maps on the go
  • MySpace Mobile – Bringing your circle of friends, favourite band profiles, party pics, blogs and more to the palm of your hand 3
  • Mobile TV products including MTV, E! Entertainment, Summer Heights High, South Park and more
  • Talk International / 3 Like Home – Enjoy competitive international voice call rates and roaming costs including the clever 3 Like Home service, giving you free incoming calls/messages and competitive call rates on international 3 networks in the UK, Hong Kong, Italy, Sweden, Austria, Denmark and Ireland

It’s a clever combination that brings the luxury of mobile web and Skypephone calling within every student’s budget. 3 will be visiting campuses nationwide for O-week with this special offer, which can also be secured from February 25 in 3 mobile stores nationally or online at

1 Skype - The popular internet-based calling system – For more details visit
2 Starting at $5 per month for the Explorer Starter Pack – For more details visit
3 Unlimited usage of MySpace Mobile for $6 per month

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