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Sony Ericsson's new HSPA ExpressCards offer effortless high speed mobile data access

Sony Ericsson’s first mobile broadband ExpressCards save busy professionals time with instant Internet connectivity.

Sony Ericsson today launched its first HSPA 7.2/2.0 devices with the ExpressCard/34 form factor, the EC400 and EC400g.  Both mobile broadband ExpressCards help busy professionals on the go to save time by enabling instant Internet access, regardless of their location. Sliding easily into a laptop’s ExpressCard slot, the EC400 and EC400g allow up to 7.2 Mb/s in download and 2.0 Mb/s in upload speeds. Additionally, the EC400g is equipped with an inbuilt GPS receiver, which automatically shows the user’s current location on Google™ Maps or a similar service or can feed into any other location-based service.  

"The EC400 and EC400g are high performance mobile broadband devices, still in ultra-slim ExpressCard form factor, offering exactly what mobile professionals need, to stay connected at all times - reliable anytime, anywhere Internet access," said Johan Tysklind, Marketing Director Mobile Computing at Sony Ericsson. "With their plug-and-play installation and configuration, the ExpressCards offer immediate access and instant download speeds, allowing you to effortlessly keep pace with the demands of your business."

Sony Ericsson EC400 / EC400g – no more downtime

  • High-speed data upload and download – speeds equivalent to that in the office
  • Auto-install and auto-configuration – get connected quickly and easily
  • Built-in GPS receiver lets you orient yourself even in a new city (EC400g)

Perfectly compact
Compact, sleek and durable, the EC400 and EC400g offer everything you’d expect from Sony Ericsson. They plug conveniently into your laptop’s ExpressCard slots meaning Web access is just a click away at any time. In addition their integrated antenna, the EC400 and EC400g sport a second antenna, which can be flipped-up to further increase the radio signal reception, thereby improving performance.

Saves you time so you can get more done
The EC400 and EC400g are fast enough to keep pace with your needs. They incorporate HSPA technology, allowing you to upload data at rates of up to 2.0 Mb/s. With download speeds of up to 7.2 Mb/s – you’re as well connected as you would be at home or in your office.

Effortlessly efficient
The EC400 or EC400g’s auto-install and auto-configuration features mean that getting online is effortless and immediate. Containing inbuilt software, the ExpressCards automatically identify your network provider and apply the appropriate network parameters, once inserted into your laptop.

Find your way around
The EC400g packs a unique built-in GPS receiver so you can accurately and easily spot where you are. A groundbreaking feature from Sony Ericsson connects you instantly to Google™ Maps, or a similar service, to work out what is around you and where to go, wherever you are.

Find time for your passions
Don't let your busy schedule keep you from pursuing your passions. The EC400’s user interface points you directly to PlayNowTM arena, giving you access to thousands of songs, games and other downloads in moments. Just download music, videos and ringtones to your Notebook PC and if you wish, sideload them conveniently into your phone.

The EC400 / EC400g are HSPA/UMTS, Tri-band 850/1900/2100 MHz, EDGE/GPRS, Quad-Band 850/900/1800/1900 MHz ExpressCards that will be available globally by mid 2008.