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Ericsson announces one-chip HSPA solution for Open OS enabled mobile devices

Ericsson today announced the U380 mobile platform delivering a true mobile Internet experience and empowering consumers with advanced multimedia features. The U380 is an integrated and verified one-chip HSPA platform, supporting all major Open Operating Systems on the market and the first product based on the recently announced Open OS collaboration with Texas Instruments (TI).

The continuous need for more powerful devices combined with the demand for mass market smartphones makes the U380 a groundbreaking platform for mobile device manufacturers addressing this rapidly growing segment. By integrating Ericsson's HSPA modem with TI's high performance OMAP3430 applications processor into a one-chip solution, the U380 is among the smallest and most powerful multimedia platforms on the market in this category.

With support for all major Open OSs, the U380 will provide mobile device manufacturers with a robust and flexible architecture for applications and services deployment, enabling easier delivery and management of services and content. This enables handset manufacturers and mobile operators to differentiate their products through rich, easy-to-use and customizable user interfaces. The extensive verification and IOT testing performed by Ericsson will also enable manufacturers to rapidly bring highly advanced mobile devices to the mass market while reducing risk and lowering development costs.
Robert Puskaric, head of Ericsson's mobile platforms business, says: "This is truly a next generation platform for the rapidly growing Open OS market. The combination of powerful multimedia performance and Open OS capabilities in an extremely small package makes the U380 platform hard to match."

Richard Kerslake, general manager for the TI-Ericsson business, TI's Wireless Terminals Business Unit, says "The combination of Texas Instruments' and Ericsson's key competences has really paid off. TI's OMAP3430 processing power, coupled with Ericsson's HSPA access technology in a pre-verified and tested platform supporting all major open operating systems will provide great opportunities for device manufacturers worldwide."

The U380 platform is expected to be commercially available in the first half of 2009.