Tuesday, 07 October 2008 
The number of visitors to the mobile Planet is increasing PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 11 January 2008

Mobitel’s Planet multimedia portal is already frequented by over 200 thousand regular users, and the total number of visitors has surpassed a million. The introduction of free browsing on the Planet stimulated the usage, and there is also an increasing interest in mobile video content on the Planet.

Last year the mobile Planet was thoroughly overhauled. Along with the new design, the users were also very enthusiastic about free surfing on the Planet, which means that charging for access to the portal and data transfer have been scrapped. There are now over 200,000 regular visitors of the mobile Planet, and since its introduction the mobile Planet has counted over a million different visitors. The most popular content in the past few months are various sports contents, followed by news, ringtones, images and games for mobile phones, leisure activities and messaging services. Planet users can also use a simple and elegant way to see the conditions on Slovene, Austrian and Italian skiing slopes, also by looking at the cameras located on the slopes.

Along with free surfing via the GPRS/UMTS data transfer in Mobitel’s networks, another advantage of the Planet is a rich set of contents and services, which are by and large free. Before accessing the payable content such as ringtones, images and games for mobile phones, the user is notified of the price, and only after confirming payment is he or she also charged for it.

Since 2003 Planet has also been showing attractive mobile videos, which can be watched on almost all newer mobile phones. The picture quality is the highest when connecting through the capable Mobitel UMTS/HSDPA network.

The varied offer of useful multimedia contents, photos, video and music on the portal can also be tailored to any user's desires, as everyone can add any of the Planet’s content to the Moj Planet (My Planet) heading. They can be assisted by a wizard, which suggests a series of connections with regard to the user’s interests. The search engine also enables a quick access to the requested content, while the display and the set of content is automatically adjusted to the capabilities of the user’s phone.

The web-based Planet is noting a similar trend with over 200,000 regular visitors, who have taken it for their favorite web medium. The web Planet complements the mobile Planet’s content, and also offers the users web support for personalizing their settings for the mobile Planet.

The Planet multimedia portal will continue to offer a series of content and service innovations, which will make the user experience even better and personalized, and the content even more interactive.

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