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Instant Internet a phenomenal success

Mobitel's Instant Internet has become a market hit. The attractive can, filled with the latest technology, has attracted several thousand buyers. There are 7 powerful broadband data devices available.

Immediate and fast Internet access is the main promise of the attractive Instant Internet offering. It comes in an attractive can, and enables megabit transfer speeds. The users’ response to Instant Internet was phenomenal, and far beyond expectations. By now several thousand products have been sold, and thanks to Instant Internet the sale of Mobitel’s mobile internet solutions has increased by more than 400 percent.

Mobitel's Instant Internet is user-friendly, offering choice and adaptability. Installing the data devices is very simple, and Internet access is possible immediately and everywhere network coverage is sufficient.

As users' demands differ, Mobitel prepared 7 powerful data devices: two USB modems to use in desktop or notebook computers, four data cards (three PC Card sized, and one for the new PCI Express slot), as well as a Fujitsu-Siemens notebook computer with the modem built in. All of them support Mobitel HSDPA and megabit transfer speeds. The customer can select the most appropriate device for their needs, and Mobitel's experts are available for advice.

For an optimal experience the customers can choose the Podatkovni bonus data price-plan, an additional SIM card without any monthly subscription fee, and they can select the data price-plan with the accompanying volume of transferred data they want. The price of Instant Internet depends on the selected data price-plan. All the details are published on www.mobitel.si or available by calling Mobitel's User Support Center at the free number 041 700 700.

Instant Internet now supports speeds up to 3.6 Mbps, and higher speeds will be available in the near future. Mobitel is now testing the higher speeds that already supported by selected modems in the Instant Internet offering. Some are available already - Option GlobeSurfer iCon 7.2, Option GlobeTrotter GT MAX 7.2 Ready and Huawei E220.