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Telenor launches new low-price mobile broadband solution

Telenor is launching a new mobile broadband solution in Norway that will make it simple, fast and inexpensive for customers to use their PCs to surf the Internet when they are away from home.

"Telenor is now taking into account the fact that more and more people want to use their PCs outside the home. Now it is simple and inexpensive for our customers to bring their PCs with them and surf wherever they are," says Jon Erik Haug, Director of Consumer Mobile in Telenor.

Through Mobile Broadband from Telenor, it will be possible to connect PCs to the Internet wherever there is mobile coverage. This will make it easier for many people to check their e-mail, access online banking services and surf the web whether they are at their holiday homes, on their boats or simply away from home.

For NOK 249 per month, users can surf unlimited in the evenings after 17:00 hrs - and all through the weekend. As a special offer lasting until the end of August, users will be able to surf all day without any charge.

"People expect to have access to the Internet practically everywhere they are. With Mobile Broadband from Telenor this will now be possible," says Jon Erik Haug.

Mobile Broadband is the easiest way to connect your PC to Telenor's mobile network. The only thing users will need is a Mobile Broadband subscription and the new USB modem. The modem installs itself when it is connected to the PC. Then, at the press of a couple of keys you will be able to access the web. It couldn't be simpler.

Through Mobile Broadband, customers are ensured the best speeds that Telenor can provide at individual locations. These speeds will vary from GSM, EDGE level via 3G to Wireless Zone/WLAN. Later this year, subscribers will also be given access to the turbo 3G network (HSDPA).

"An additional advantage with Mobile Broadband is that it will be possible to use Telenor's 'Wireless Zone' (WLAN) at more than 400 locations across Norway, and the product is ready for the new Turbo 3G network which we will be launching during the course of the year. Telenor is well known for providing excellent coverage across the entire country and we will also be at the forefront in terms of data coverage," says Jon Erik Haug.

With Turbo 3G, Haug is referring to HSDPA - an upgrade to the 3G network that can provide transfer speeds of up to 3.6 Mbits/second. In comparison, normal 3G offers a maximum speed of 0.4 Mbits/second. Telenor is well underway with developing the network.

"We are looking forward to launch the Turbo 3G network later this year. With Mobile Broadband from Telenor, you can be confident that you will get the full benefit of the high speeds that are underway," says Jon Erik Haug, who concludes with a warning to people who take their PCs abroad:

"The prices given here are for use within Norway. Using you computer to surf the Internet abroad can be expensive. You should not connect your PC via a mobile network abroad without being aware of how the cost. We are working to lower data prices abroad, but these continue to be high and the bill can quickly add up to many thousands of NOK," concludes Haug.

Standard offer: Free Internet during evenings and weekends: Surf as much as you like during evenings and at the weekend within Norway for only NOK 249 per month.

Summer launch offer: As above, plus free use all day throughout August.

USB modem: The modems will be available for purchase in the same way as mobile phones. They will be offered at a reduced price with a 12-month contract or at full price without a contract. Contact your Telenor retailer or check out telenor.no/mobil for USB modem prices (from 18 June).