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KTF places GlobeSurfer ICON USB modems at heart of preparations for commercial launch of HSUPA in Korea PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 14 June 2007

Option Euronext, the wireless technology company, today announced that its GlobeSurfer® ICON HSUPA USB modems are playing an important role in the preparations for the commercial launch of HSUPA by KTF in Korea. Korea is one of the world’s pioneering markets for advanced mobile multimedia services. Option’s GlobeSurfer® ICON HSUPA USB modem combines sleek, stylish design with impressive downlink and uplink speeds enabling consumers to experience the full benefits of mobile multimedia.

On March 1st 2007, KTF launched its nationwide HSDPA network. Reaching 99 per cent of the Korean population, the HSDPA service offers superior coverage to KTF’s existing CDMA network and is marketed under the SHOW brand to emphasise the shift from voice and low-speed data, to high-speed data, video, and, for the first time in Korea, automatic international roaming services. Since the HSDPA launch the Korean operator has seen its WCDMA/HSDPA customer base increase by a factor of nearly ten from 64,000 at the end of February to 617,000 at the end of May.

Option is now supplying GlobeSurfer® ICON HSUPA USB modems to assist KTF in the next phase of the development of its HSPA service portfolio: the roll-out of HSUPA. Increasing data rates to 7.2 Mbps downlink and 2 Mbps uplink and network capacity while reducing latency, HSUPA will enrich diverse services such as live video shows, high-quality multi-media messaging, video sharing services, multimedia instant messaging, user created contents and mobile blogging.

Korea Telecom Freetel (KTF) is a South Korean telecommunications firm, specializing in cellular, or mobile, phones. The two major shareholders of KTF are KT (44.55%) and NTT DoCoMo (10.03%).

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