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KTF Launches 1st Commercial HSUPA Service in Korea PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 14 June 2007

KTF successfully launched a commercial HSUPA, which has dramatically improved the performance of the 3rd generation mobile internet service. It is an inspiring achievement after about 100 days of KTF’s nationwide commercial HSDPA service launch. KTF also held a live demonstration of HSUPA service at KT Kwanghwamun building at 11 AM on June 14th.

KTF is planning to support up to 5.76 Mbps in upload data rate with HSUPA service, which is about 15 times faster than the current HSDPA service (384kbps). Furthermore, the performance will be improved by more than 30% in terms of latency and 25% in terms of capacity.

The successful launch of commercial HSUPA service is very significant since it would allow high speed transmission of large-sized data files (such as video clips) via mobile network by the users. For example, it would take only 1.4 seconds to transmit 1 MByte photo via HSUPA network. Therefore, the HSUPA will clearly stimulate the wider usage of variety of mobile UCC (User Created Content) services including personal broadcasting and blog upload.

Through this HSUPA commercialization, KTF reinforces “high-speed & high-quality data service and IMS(IP Multimedia Subsystem)-based communication service”, which is one of its six differentiation points in WCDMA. From the second half of 2007, KTF is planning to expand upload-type of services, such as mobile UCC, high-quality MMS, mobile blog and large-sized file upload, and real-time communication type of data services including Video Sharing and 3D Multi-User game, which require fast response speed for upload.

After the 1.45Mbps-HSUPA service launch in major cites including Seoul, Busan and Daejeon on June 14th, KTF will expand its 1.45Mbps-HSUPA service into metropolitan areas and other major cities from October 2007. In the first half of 2008, KTF will upgrade its HSUPA service up to 5.76Mbps in the metropolitan areas and expand 1.45Mbps-HSUPA service in small cities. Especially, KTF will have a world first nationwide coverage by expanding its coverage into rural areas by the second half of 2008. Regarding HSUPA devices, KTF will offer commercial 2Mbps-USB modem in October 2007 and 5.76Mbps-USB modem & handsets in the first half of 2008. In addition, KTF will follow global WCDMA roadmap by evolving its network into HSPA+(HSPA Evolution), LTE(Long Term Evolution) phase by phase.

Since its nationwide HSDPA service launch last March, KTF has led WCDMA service in Korea with 750 thousands subscribers (as of June 13th), 9 HSDPA handsets and global roaming service covering 107 countries. By introducing HSUPA service, KTF reaffirms its leadership in bringing innovative and competitive WCDMA services in Korean market.

Mr. Yeon-Hak Kim, Chief Strategy Officer of KTF said that KTF’s commercial launch of HSUPA service is most significant as it will open the mobile UCC world to customers while strengthening the global competitiveness of Korean industries in WCDMA. He confirmed KTF’s commitment to providing most value to its customers and maintaining the leadership in WCDMA service by implementing the World’s first fully nationwide HSUPA network and introducing various HSUPA devices by the first half of next year.

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