Friday, 09 January 2009 
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2.4 Spectrum bands should be globally common and be identified below 5 GHz

It is expected that the IMT-Advanced technologies are about 10-154 more spectrally efficient than today’s mobile technologies. In addition, industry is developing new concepts, such as cognitive radios/networks, that would be able to find and use spectrum that is not in use. However, these developments cannot alone solve the forecasted spectrum demand. The expected improvement in spectrum efficiency is not high enough to fulfil the traffic needs and cognitive radio/network technologies will not be available early enough. The requirement of harmonized spectrum remains to be an important requirement for the next decade(s).

Based on the ITU-R studies, the preferred frequency bands for mobile high-data rate broadband use should be below the frequency 5 GHz, due to the radio wave propagation properties and other technical reasons, such as:
  • support for fully mobile services;
  • acceptable trade-off between cost and full area coverage;
  • availability of required radio frequency (RF) hardware components in a timely manner (supporting the necessary RF emission power levels for wide area coverage networks);
  • technical complexity, and
  • battery power consumption in user equipment

The CPM-07 report lists the bands 410-430 MHz, 450-470 MHz, 470-806/862 MHz, 2300-2400 MHz, 2700-2900 MHz, 3400-4200 MHz and 4400-4990 MHz as candidate bands under Agenda Item 1.4.

ITU-R WP 8F has concluded sharing studies in the IMT-candidate bands 450-470MHz (regarding CDMA450), 470-862MHz (DVB), 2700-2900 MHz and 3400-3700 MHz (radars) and 3400-4200 MHz(FSS).
The global spectrum harmonization and the regulatory clarity achieved for IMT-2000 at WARC-92 and WRC-2000 have facilitated many successful UMTS/IMT-2000 deployments to the good of global consumers enjoying affordable services and devices. The UMTS Forum view is that current footnotes and resolutions in ITU Radio Regulations should be retained.
4 Based on the figures in ITU-R WP8F Reports M.2078[IMT.ESTIMATE] and M.2074[IMT.RADIO_ASPECTS]

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