Friday, 05 December 2008 
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2.2 Higher data rates enhance the mobile user experience

The mobile user expects that similar services, such as xDSL, as in office or home environment should be available also in mobile environment. Therefore it is necessary to provide high data-rates for the mobile environment to facilitate e.g. the following applications:

  • Rich Voice Services:  VoIP, video telephony, video-conference, collaborative work
  • Location-based services:  car navigation, maps, product and service finder
  • Machine-to-Machine:  sensor modes in products and electronic devices and home appliances
  • Mobile Internet Access:  e-mail, file transfer, streaming video/audio, Internet browsing
  • Multimedia Messaging:  e-mail, instant messaging, video messaging, telemetry
  • Entertainment:  multiplayer games, TV broadcasts
  • Mobile commerce:  banking, finance, promotions, m-payment
  • Mobile Intranet:  VPN, Intranet access
  • Mobile medicine:  health monitoring, mobile medical examination, medical record access
  • Mobile Government: remote learning, network community school
  • Mobile Education: virtual laboratory

The currently achievable data rates of IMT-2000 are not enough to satisfy the future requirements for e.g. the above listed new multimedia capabilities.

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