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SK Telecom Opens “3G+ Streaming Video Customer Center” for Hearing-impaired Customers

SK Telecom announced the launching of the “3G+ Streaming Video Customer Center” that is designed to give hearing-impaired customers answers to their questions through sign language transmitted via streaming video calls. 

The“3G+ Streaming Video Customer Center” offers an inbound streaming video customer consultation service to SK Telecom customers who register their hearing-impairments at the Customer Center in advance. Whenever they make streaming video calls to the Customer Center, professional consultants handle their inquiries through sign language. Consultants who have completed all of the special sign language education programs are available from Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.   

The customers can use this service free of charge by pressing #114 and the 'VU' button (hot key for streaming video call) on their mobile phones. The service function-enabled handsets are five models - W120, W200, W210, SH100 and SH110. Streaming video chatting is also available for the customers who are having difficulty making inquires through sign language. The W120 model produced in 2005 does not offer the chatting function.  

There are about 160,000 hearing-impaired people in Korea. Of this figure, a total of 36,600 hearing-impaired people are registered to the SK Telecom Customer Center as mobile subscribers. To date, about 1,800 customers are able to use the streaming video service. SK Telecom plans to make it possible through active PR activities, for more hearing-impaired customers to enjoy the benefits of the “3G+ Streaming Video Customer Center”. 

“The 3G+ Streaming Video Customer Center is designed to provide a social contribution service by using WCDMA technology. Through this service numerous hearing-impaired subscribers are able to enjoy high quality consultation services without difficulties” said Whei Geun Ahn, vice-president and head of SK Telecom’s Data Business Division. “Based on more advanced wireless technologies SK Telecom will furnish customized services that satisfy varied customers ever-growing needs and expectations” he added.

In April 2006 SK Telecom donated W120 streaming video-enabled handsets to 4,100 hearing-impaired people through 'Deaf Korea'. In recognition of this, the company received a citation from the Minister of Health and Welfare in June of 2006. Currently the SK Telecom mobile service activation is free of charge, and 35% discount benefits on monthly flat rates are being offered. Short text message transmission rates and call traffic rates, are also offered to hearing-impaired subscribers.