Saturday, 30 August 2008 
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The UMTS Forum is an open, international body for promoting the global uptake of UMTS third generation (3G) mobile systems and services.


The UMTS Forum recognises the importance of all players - including new entrants - in the mobile value chain. As well as offering guidance to governmental and financial communities it also provides marketing input to technical standardisation bodies and advises on spectrum requirements both for the present and future 3G systems. The UMTS Forum serves the interests of all its members through educational and promotional activities in its role as the voice of the 3G mobile market.


To promote a common vision of the development of UMTS and to ensure its worldwide success

To express a strong, unified industry voice promoting UMTS and WCDMA technology through lobbying and promotional actions globally

To forge high-level dialogue between operators and other market players that can ensure commercial success for all

To present market knowledge that aids the rapid development and uptake of new services and applications.

UMTS Forum Annual Report 2006-2007 (2.22MB)

Joining the UMTS Forum: the benefits of membership (75KB)

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