Friday, 04 July 2008 
UMTS Forum confirms membership of the three ITU sectors PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 04 December 2003

The UMTS Forum has this week confirmed its membership of all three sector groups of the International Telecommunication Union: ITU-T (Telecom Standardisation Sector); ITU-R (Radiocommunication); and
ITU-D (Telecom Development).

"This is great news for our members", commented UMTS Forum Chairman Jean-Pierre Bienaim. "By participating actively in all three ITU sectors, we look forward to the further strengthening of an already excellent relationship that we enjoy with the ITU."

The mission of ITU-T is to ensure an efficient and on-time production of high quality standards and Recommendations covering all fields of telecommunications.

ITU-R plays a vital role in the management of radio frequency spectrum and satellite orbits, finite natural resources which are increasingly in demand from a large number of services such as fixed, mobile, broadcasting, amateur, space research, meteorology, global positioning systems, environmental monitoring and emergency communication services.

ITU-D, The ITU's Telecommunication Development Bureau, has well-established programmes of activities to facilitate connectivity and access, foster policy, regulatory and network readiness, expand human capacity through training programmes, formulate financing strategies and e-enable enterprises in developing countries.

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