Motorola Enables Easy Entry into UMTS/HSxPA


GSM operators now have a simple and cost-effective entry path into 3G HSxPA, while allowing existing 3G operators to readily expand their network coverage

Motorola, Inc. today announced a new infrastructure offering that lets GSM operators easily and cost-effectively deploy UMTS/HSxPA into their existing GSM installed equipment. By allowing the Horizon 3G-n fiber solution to be mounted in the same footprint as the Horizon II macro Indoor and Outdoor base stations, the solution removes the need to deploy separate 3G Node-B cabinets, saving cost and time.

The novel design utilizes the recently announced Horizon 3G-n fiber, a new breed of UMTS/HSxPA Node-B, in which the 2 main functions of a traditional macro Node-B have been split into two separate components; the BaseBand Unit (BBU) and Remote Radio Unit (RRU). The BBU unit can be inserted into both Motorola's Horizon II Macro Indoor or Outdoor cabinets whilst the RRU unit can be mounted indoors or outdoors in any suitable position. Additionally the RRU unit can be installed up to 40Km away from the controlling BBU, potentially providing a wide 3G coverage without the need for costly backhaul to multiple sites.

Operators with other vendors' 2G base stations will also find the solution compelling as they can easily insert the Horizon 3G-n fiber BBU module into the space normally available for optional transmission equipment.

"Upfront and running costs are becoming a crucial consideration for operators rolling out new UMTS/HSxPA networks or expanding coverage to new areas. Operators looking to carry out either task by expanding from their existing 2G network will find significant cost advantages and deployment flexibility in Motorola's Horizon 3G-n fiber units." said Mohammad Akhtar, vice president, global product management GSM/UMTS, Motorola Sales and Services, Inc.

He described how an upgrade for roadside or rooftop urban coverage from a Motorola Reach Strongbox site, for example, may be achieved quickly and simply. The Motorola Horizon 3G-n fiber BBU can be installed using one of the six communications equipment slots already provided in Motorola's Strongbox solution. The RRU can be mounted on the existing mast, and combination antennas, if present, can be used for both 2G and 3G, thereby enabling additional cost saving on ancillaries.

The Motorola Horizon 3G-n fiber upgrade may also be used in Motorola's Indoor Horizon II base stations. For an operator using a stacked Motorola Horizon II macro configuration, the BBU can be easily installed between the two stacked base stations using the stacking bracket, providing a high capacity solution for both 2G and 3G within the traditional footprint of a single base station.

The Motorola Horizon 3G-n fiber BBU & RRU are available now and the Horizon II stacking bracket from Q1 2007.

For more information please go to www.motorola.com/serviceproviders/hsxpa/