Thursday, 28 August 2008 
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Tuesday, 11 July 2006

Get all the news, Hollywood gossip, music and entertainment you can watch with 3's NEW Mobile TV pack on the new LG U300.

If you would rather be on the move than on the couch but don't want to miss out on the action, then 3 mobile's NEW Mobile TV pack is perfect for you, and the latest LG U300 is the handset to watch it on!

Sign up for the Mobile TV Pack for just $10 per month and you'll get unlimited access to MTV, E! Entertainment, Cartoon Network, BBC World and SBS PLUS the brand new SoundTrack Channel- a station that's devoted to music videos from your favourite movies and television programs and gives you a sneak peak of the latest movie trailers and behind the scenes footage.

Enjoy your Mobile TV Pack at its best, through the LG U300 - a funky and lightweight phone that's exclusive to 3 mobile. The LG U300 has a dedicated Mobile TV button that gives you fingertip access to all your favourite mobile TV channels.

If you're ultra hip and cool then the matt metallic grape colour will suit your style. But if you're a night owl with a sparkly personality then check out the glossy glitter black version for your perfect accessory.

Sign up to 3 mobile's $29 cap and get your hands on the new LG U300 for just $8 per month over 24 months. You'll receive $120 worth of national and international voice calls, national and international SMS, national MMS, voicemail and 13/1300/1800 numbers every month for a low $20 minimum monthly spend. Plus, enjoy FREE national voice call minutes to all friends and family on 3, 24/7.

Where to buy:
The LGU300 is available from 3 shops, authorised dealers and 3 Direct from today. For more information visit

How much:
Mobile TV Pack on Planet 3 - $10 per month for unlimited access to 6 Mobile TV channels on 3:
- E! Entertainment
- Cartoon Network
- SoundTrack Channel
- BBC World
- SBS Television

Postpaid - caps
Per month $8 over 24 months
Outright $349

Postpaid - plans
Bonus 33 Plan $0 on a 24 month plan
Business Bonus 45 Plan $0 on a 24 month plan

Prepaid $349 (from mid July)

- Video Calling
- 1.3 megapixel camera
- TV button for direct access to Mobile TV
- 3 Music Player
- Speaker phone
- Bluetooth and USB connectivity
- Stereo Bluetooth compatible
- 10MB internal memory and expandable memory
- FREE 128 MB Memory Card
- Email- 3 email address & access external (POP3) email
- Modem to access the Internet via your laptop

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