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UbiNetics develops 3G network 'stress tester'


UbiNetics is developing a 3G testing system that will simulate 'real-world' conditions in a lab environment.

The new system has been developed in response to demand from both infrastructure vendors and network operators as they gear up for the launch of commercial 3G services. This system builds upon the experience UbiNetics has gained in supplying advanced 3G testing products to the world's leading 3G equipment manufactures.

The product will enable UbiNetics' customers to test the ability of multi mode networks (3G/GPRS/GSM) to support large call volumes and phone users' mobility. The data collated from the lab tests will provide users with sufficient intelligence to iron-out potential problems before commercial services go live.

"Network operators are now building their 3G networks. The next crucial stage before rolling out commercial services is to stress test the networks and handsets to ensure they are able to cope with large call volumes and users on the move. It is absolutely critical that the first paying customers are not disappointed by poor service levels. This product will play a central role in helping the industry to ensure a successful launch of 3G phone services," said Bjrn Krylander, CEO of UbiNetics.

"Given the hugely complex nature of the 3G network infrastructure roll-out, it is far better to get it right first time and our customers' investment in this technology is evidence of their prudent approach," added Krylander.