Saturday, 11 October 2008 
Ericsson first to complete WCDMA calls on all 3GPP-defined frequency bands PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 07 August 2006

Ericsson is the first vendor to complete WCDMA calls on all nine 3GPP-defined frequency bands, giving its customers the most flexible platform solution on the market.

Initially deployed on the 2100MHz band, WCDMA and HSDPA are now being deployed on frequency bands used for 2G technologies, such as GSM, and new frequency bands, such as 2500MHz and the 2100/1700MHz used in the US. This enables operators to offer 3G services to a broader market and gives regulators the opportunity to grant new 3G licenses.

Using its new U310 and U360 WCDMA/HSDPA mobile platforms, Ericsson is the first vendor to successfully test its platforms on all nine frequency bands standardized by 3GPP. The U310 and U360 platforms support full commercial deployment on eight of the nine bands - an adapted variant of the U360 was used for testing on 2500MHz.

Robert Puskaric, head of Ericsson Mobile Platforms, says: "We are the first mobile platform vendor to successfully test operation on all frequency bands standardized by 3GPP. This enables our customers to bring WCDMA and HSDPA phones to the market covering all frequency bands open for 3G services. Operators will also benefit strongly from the capabilities of the U310 and U360 platforms, which allow rapid migration of end users to 3G."

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