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Panasonic Begins Delivery of FOMA P901iTV Handsets to NTT DoCoMo PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 21 February 2006

Panasonic Mobile Communications., Ltd. (President: Yoshiaki Kushiki), today announced it has begun shipment of "FOMA P901iTV" mobile handsets to NTT DoCoMo, Inc. The P901iTV is NTT DoCoMo's first mobile handset to receive terrestrial digital broadcasting signals in addition to conventional analog signals. The handset was created in response to the planned launch of mobile digital broadcasting in April 2006.

The handset's main display is a 2.5-inch and beautiful wide-view LCD screen. Approximately 3 hours of continuous digital TV viewing is possible. The P901iTV allows users to enjoy services that blend mobile communications and broadcastings. For instance, when you are watching the TV program, you can go to websites related to its TV program simply by clicking the URL shown on the display during the broadcasting.

The P901iTV focused on user-friendly features which customers value the most. By turning the highly flexible antenna towards the right angle, users can enjoy watching TV programs. No need for you to move the handset for right direction. In addition, you can instantly start watching TV by either pressing a TV button or only turning the handset head towards the 90 degree angle. It can also let you watch TV both vertical and horizontal angles. Depending on the handset angles, the P901iTV display screen automatically rearrange its direction, from right to left or top to bottom, to best fit for the viewing. Another feature is you can immediately change the TV channel by simply pressing the channel number. With this function, you don't waste your time forwarding channel button repeatedly until you get the right channel.

Major specifications:

Size (HWT): Approx. 110 x 51 x 27mm
Weight: Approx. 150 grams
Continuous call time: Voice call Approx. 140 minutes
TV phone Approx. 100 minutes
Continuous standby time: Static Approx. 460 hours
In motion Approx. 350 hours
Continuous viewing time: Digital broadcasting Approx. 3 hours
Analog broadcasting 1 hour
Main display: Approx. 2.5 inches QVGA (240 dots x 320 dots)
262,144-color TFT LCD
Sub display Approx. 0.9 inch (96 dots x 24 dots)
Monochrome STN LCD
Cameras Outer: ?Maicovicon camera
Effective resolution: 2.01 mega pixels
Inner: CMOS camera
Effective resolution: 110,000 pixels
Color Black and White

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