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Sunday, 19 February 2006

Since its launch in November 2005, LG Muse 3G Music Phone has been very well received in the market, particularly by trendsetters and music lovers. Responding to customers' enthusiasm for music phones, 3 Hong Kong, a subsidiary of Hutchison Telecommunications (Hong Kong) Limited, announced the exclusive launch of the LG Muse Music Phone - Roberto Cavalli edition, tailor-made for the younger generation. The LG Muse Music Phone - Roberto Cavalli edition features a unique animal pattern by renowned Italian fashion brand Roberto Cavalli. Its wild and passionate design will undoubtedly be an alluring attraction for Hong Kong's music and fashion lovers.

Starting from 20 February 2006, any customers purchasing a LG Muse Music Phone - Roberto Cavalli edition and subscribing to any 3G tariff plan will enjoy the Music Pack (Remark 1) service free for the first two months. What's more, if the customer subscribes to the Music Pack service for another 12 months, he or she will be entitled to receive two complimentary concert tickets to the "First Time Fairy Tale Concert" or the "Chivas Justin One Good Show" performed by famous celebrities Michael Huang and Justin respectively (original price: HK$400 in total). The concert tickets will be available on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Customers can easily access the music player of LG Muse Music Phone - Roberto Cavalli edition with a single touch of any one of the three direct keys on the sub-display screen. The sleek fashion and music phone offers the greatest musical pleasure by enabling customers to enjoy the experience of having an MP3 in hand that provides easy access to the rich music content of 3 Hong Kong's "Music Channel". It incorporates superior video quality with a horizontal display of the main screen. It is equipped with a 262,000 colour screen, a rotatable 1.3 megapixel camera and supports a host of special features including UMTS and Tri-band capacity (GSM900 / 1800 / 1900), video calling, audio and video streaming, multimedia and text messaging service, download of video ringtunes, MP3 and 72-chord ringtunes, POP3 and IMAP4 email protocol, bluetooth, Micro SD Card, download of JAVA applications and games as well as an "Instant Viewer" for easy access to news.

3 Hong Kong presents the LG Muse Music Phone - Roberto Cavalli edition in three colours: gold, white and black. The phone is offered at HK$3,680. Customers who subscribe to the HK$188 service plan can enjoy a handset price as low as HK$2,680 (Remark 2). For those who choose the high-usage $538 service plan, a $0 (Remark 3) handset price will be offered. During the promotional period, any customers purchasing the LG Muse Music Phone - Roberto Cavalli edition and subscribing to 3G service will be offered an accessory pack, including a 256MB Micro SD card, a memory card reader and an i.Tech headset. In addition, customers who switch to 3 Hong Kong can enjoy a rebate of up to HK$600. For two subscriptions to a LG Muse Music Phone - Roberto Cavalli edition and any other 3 video mobile phone models, customers will be entitled to a HK$500 discount on a LG Muse Music Phone - Roberto Cavalli edition and get a music stand free.

For details, customers should call the 24-hour Customer Service Hotline on 3162 3333.

1 Music Pack charges at HK$28 per month, including:
i) My Playlist (original monthly fee: HK$18)
- one free song for download from the "Free Download" category every month till 31 May 2006
- listen to the songs downloaded to "My Playlist" free for 10 hours, thereafter charges of HK$0.3 per minute
ii) Hits on Air (original monthly fee: HK$18)
- includes 10 hours of free listening, thereafter charges of HK$0.3 per minute
iii) "Hello" Ring service (original monthly fee: HK$9)
2 A 12-month contract period applies
3 An 18-month contract period applies with a HK$2,680 prepayment to be rebated in 18 months

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