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Nokia's new Intellisync Sync Server Powers Vodafone K.K. Address Book Backup Service for 3G Handsets PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 15 March 2006

Nokia today announced that Vodafone K.K. in Japan is using its Intellisync Sync Server to launch "Vodafone Address Book," a service for new 3G handsets that allows customers to back up their contact information online. CSK Systems Corporation, a systems integrator in Japan, developed the new "Powered by Intellisync" service, which will become available in March with the introduction of the first compatible 3G handset in Japan, the Vodafone 904T by Toshiba. The announcement demonstrates Nokia's ability to now connect practically any device built on any platform, to nearly any data source, application or network.

The Vodafone Address Book service makes life easier for Vodafone K.K. subscribers. The service protects their valuable phone contact information and offers several convenient features that include, simplifying the transfer of information from phone to phone, adding contacts online and even notifying them of upcoming birthdays and special events through Short Message Service (SMS). Because all the information is stored online as well as on their phone, users who choose the service will gain the assurance that their phone contact data will be protected if their handset is lost or broken. They can also add or update contacts online from the convenience of their PC with the confidence that all contact information will be synchronized over-the-air with their handset through Nokia Intellisync Sync Server technology.

Nokia's new Intellisync range of software solutions provides comprehensive wireless communications capabilities for nearly any device on almost any platform. These solutions enables wireless carriers and enterprises to deliver advanced wireless communications services including wireless push email, synchronization for calendars, contacts, files, data and applications, and highly secure device management software for handsets.

"The personal address book stored on the mobile phone is one of the most important features for mobile phone users," said Masanari Arai, general manager of Nokia's Intellisync product line in Japan. "This innovative new service from Vodafone makes managing contact information a snap for subscribers, providing Vodafone K.K. customers with convenience and peace of mind by managing contacts online."

Vodafone K.K will offer the Vodafone Address Book service for 100 yen per month with the introduction of the Vodafone 904T by Toshiba. Vodafone K.K. plans to introduce additional compatible handsets as they become available.

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