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Thursday, 02 March 2006

LG Electronics(LG), a leader in mobile TV technology, successfully demonstrated, as the world's first, 3G UMTS(WCDMA) DVB-H phone in Milan, Italy, on February 20. LG also plans to supply the UMTS(WCDMA) DVB-H phone to Hutchison, a leading global telecommunications services provider during the 2006 World Cup.

Hutchison Italy, the biggest 3G telecommunications provider in Italy, has exclusive DVB-H broadcasting rights for the 2006 World Cup and will provide video footage of all matches in Germany from June 6. Utilizing its extensive network, Hutchison will launch the LG UMTS (WCDMA) DVB-H phone worldwide, commencing with Italy.

Under the theme of "New Dream Comes True with DVB-H," Hutchison announced its DVB-H business plan, showcasing the LG-U900, UMTS DVB-H phone, at the Studio One Bravo Production in Milan. LG's new DVB-H model will be exclusively supplied ahead of competitor models, according to the announcement by Hutchison.

Mr. Kenn Suh, Executive Vice President of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company said, "LG-U900, the world's first UMTS(WCDMA) DVB-H phone, has successfully been demonstrated and chosen as the first commercialized phone by Hutchison. It clearly signifies that LG is the leader in global mobile broadcast technology and the European mobile TV market. LG will continue to introduce most advanced technology that is second-to-none in the mobile TV industry."

Displaying the DVB-H handset, Vincenzo Novari, the CEO of Hutchison said: "This is a very successful demonstration and we appreciate the support of LG Electronics to display the DVB-H handset today."

The LG's UMTS(WCDMA) DVB-H phone, the LG-U900, is a mobile TV broadcaster with a wide-swing screen. With its long lasting battery, users can watch TV for more than 3 hours. It is also equipped with a 1.3-megapixel digital camera that features 55MB internal memory capacity.
The UMTS(WCDMA) DVB-H technology was improved from DVB-T, European terrestrial digital broadcast technology to become the European mobile broadcast standard. It provides high-speed data transmission, various channel services, a high-resolution image and strong mobile broadcasting.

LG has all the mobile broadcast technologies including DVB-H, DMB and MediaFLO. In January 2006, LG has developed and introduced 3G UMTS(WCDMA) DVB-H, CDMA MediaFLO and DMB phones to the world for the first time. The world's first 3G UMTS(WCDMA) T-DMB phone, LG-V9000 was introduced on September 2005.

Experts predict that the mobile TV service will attract 300 million users globally by the end of 2006 and the mobile TV market will reach USD 1.5 billion by 2009.

LG-U900 "The wide-swing UMTS(WCDMA) DVB-H Phone"

- 1.3 mega-pixel Camera
- 2.2"LCD Wide-swing screen
- 17 speaker
- 55 MB internal user memory and external 512MB Transflash
- USB, Bluetooth
- Internal antenna (3G/GPRS), Antenna(DVB-H)

- Radio Band: UMTS + GPRS Tri Band
- Dimensions: 100.6mm x 50.6mm x 21.4mm
- Display: Main 2.2"LCD, 240X320, 262K TFT
- TV Watching Time: Over 3 hrs
- Battery: 950 mAh

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