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Vodafone K.K. Further Expands Global Roaming Service Areas PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 02 February 2006

Vodafone K.K. announces today that from 9 February 2006 it will expand global roaming service areas in which customers can use their Vodafone K.K. 3G handsets*. With this expansion, roaming will be available to Vodafone K.K. customers traveling to Kyrgyzstan, Latvia and Namibia, enabling them to roam in a total of 140 countries and regions.

Additionally, customers will also be able to make video calls in South Korea and Taiwan from 9 February. With this addition, customers will be able to make video calls in a total of 9 countries and regions, including the UK, Netherlands, Spain, Hong Kong, Canary Islands, Singapore, Germany, South Korea and Taiwan.

To further improve customer convenience, Vodafone K.K. is progressively increasing the number of roaming partners in countries and regions that support global roaming. As of 9 February, Vodafone K.K. will have tied up with multiple operators in 59 of the 140 supported countries and regions, allowing customers to roam on a total of 192 networks.

Vodafone K.K. will further enhance its global roaming compatible 3G handset lineup and continue to expand roaming service areas to offer even richer global communication to customers.

Global roaming service areas (as of 9 February 2006)
numbers in ( ) indicate new expansions

Service: Voice calls
Countries and regions: 140 (3)
Operators: 192 (4)
Service: SMS
Countries and regions: 138 (3)
Operators: 189 (4)
Service: Vodafone live! (Web, MMS)
Countries and regions: 58 (2)
Operators: 78 (2)
Service: Mobile data communications
Countries and regions: 58 (2)
Operators: 79 (2)
Service: Video calls
Countries and regions: 9 (2)
Operators: 12 (3)

*Some 3G handsets such as the Vodafone 802N and Vodafone 703N are for use in Japan only. South Korea service area limited to Seoul metropolitan and surrounding area.

Vodafone and Vodafone live! are trademarks or registered trademarks of Vodafone Group Plc.

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