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Zesium UMTS Protocol Stack ported to ARM microcontroller


Zesium has now ported the first release of its UMTS protocol software on Philips Semiconductors "Optimized Philips UMTS Solution (OPUS)", with integrated ARM7 processor and started the test and integration phase. This proves the portability of Zesium's software design.

After demonstrating MO/MT Call set-up against Anite U-HT in Cannes with the Infineon Technologies M-Gold chipset this is the second supported architecture within a very short time period. Based on further customer requests Zesium is positioned to port the software to their chosen chip set as well.

Zesium's protocol stack supports the essential functionality required of a mobile terminal. Protocol software is a core component in building UMTS mobile terminals. The protocol layers are responsible for managing the interaction between the mobile terminal and the network infrastructure. Zesium's first release of the UMTS protocol stack supports registration of the mobile to the network, mobile originated/terminated call set-up and circuit-switched data exchange.

Zesium software has been tested against third party protocol test equipment to verify conformity to standards. This is a necessary step in order to guarantee that the software can be used in UMTS compliant networks.